Nokia Powers The Implementation Of 5G Networks For Better Connectivity

The Nokia company directs its efforts to soon jump to 5G networks that promise better connectivity for both public and private networks.

The brand shot to fame with its cell phone offering, which is then sell to Microsoft. Currently, it has a broad portfolio of telecommunications infrastructure. The radio bases, network core, transport, or all the management software plus security solutions accompany the installations.

Throughout its history, the firm has made different acquisitions and partnerships, as in the case of Siemens, which became Nokia Siemens Networks.

“We bought Motorola and Panasonic their part of the infrastructure, we bought Nortel. Alcatel Lucent bought three years ago and thus Bell Labs. We also acquire other smaller companies is the strategy that always complements the portfolio” list Manuel Enrique Ramirez, Director of Technology for Nokia Latin America.

Nokia Project in 5G networks

This technology expects to change the technological landscape of organizations, because as explained by the specialist, “it allows great data transmission.

Unlike previous generations, 5G has to be thought of as an end to end, because it is not only a new radio, a new core, but a new radio with transport.

And includes new elements in the network, such as the centers of regional computations that are important to reduce the delay in telecommunications and personalize content,” he explains.

“The positive thing is that it is not a zero change. It can deploy on top of an efficient 4G network making modifications”. So he stressed that the investment will begin to take place from the existing infrastructure with Non-Standalone networks. They are mounted and dependent on the 4G network, which will lead to continuous system improvements.

Penetration will depend to a vast extent on the telecommunication regulations of each country. As well as on the strategies of operators and decision-makers of investment in private networks. “This technology can operate in the 4G spectrum. Although the advantages are more achievable with new frequencies of 3.5 GHz or 28 or 29GHz millimeter bands. “The manager said that in Latin America, they work with different regulators. And participate in government consultations to enable the gangs.

In Mexico,

It believes that 2020 tenders will go out and auctions for 600 megahertz, 3.5, and 26 GHz. “The first networks will come during 2020, with 5G networks to 4G, and best networks 5G in late 2020 and 2021, also depends on the deployment of telephone and machine terminals,” Ramírez estimated.

There are three main benefits that both end-users and companies will achieve. The scope of very high transmission rates, above 10 GB per second, makes technologies such as augments or virtual reality, robots, or the IoT more efficient. Minimum latency is another promise to get rid of cables and better connectivity for everything and everyone. “With IPV6 to connect homes, users, industries,” adds Ramírez.

Nokia also has the Strategy of Reaching the Market for Business Networks,

“These private networks are essential in 5G. And there is an opinion that these networks are the ones that will drive the technology because platforms design to connect everything.

“In particular, the brand is aimed at the energy, transport, public sector, and international corporate sectors. “We have many clients in this sector, such as the Río Tinto mining company that already connects to a 5G network, which was to automate its processes. We collaborate with companies like Bosch so that their robots can operate without cable. In public safety, we install 4G networks with a view to 5G, among many others”, he exemplified.

“Nokia worldwide has many collaborators, as integrating partners, of service.”

Their marketing model is hybrid since they integrate projects directly or through integrating partners.

Some of its distributor partners where the brand can be found are Westcon, Anixter, Online Licenses, Micronet, and Alfa 2mil9.

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