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Do You know About Zoom Cloud Application

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Zoom Video, also known as Zoom and Zoom App, is a program of virtual video calls and meetings accessible from desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Its manufacturer is the company Zoom Video Communications, based in San José, California.

what is zoom app

Zoom became popular throughout April 2020, during the coronavirus pandemic. It went from having 10 million active users in 2019, to more than 300 million, at the end of April. Before the coronavirus expansion, the company’s shares cost $ 70. As of March 23, 2020, they were worth $ 160, the total capitalization of more than $ 44 billion. The main shareholder of Zoom, Eric Yuan, appears, from the pandemic. And on the list of the richest and popular people in the world, with an estimated fortune of 5.5 billion dollars.

One of the reasons that Zoom has made such massive gains in popularity is its usability. Another is its fully-featured service. Free users are able to enjoy excellent call quality, scheduled meetings with calendar integration, and password-protected calls (though more on that below). Business users, meanwhile, have made use of zoom interpretation services to connect with clients across the globe. Transacting overseas business has never been so simple.

Despite the worldwide success, the use of Zoom has been banned by multiple governments and companies because of the privacy and security risks involved. Also, since the end of April 2020, users with a commercial subscription to Zoom have the option that their calls do not go through China.

In late May 2020, Zoom announced that calls from those who pay for a commercial subscription will be encrypted (to make them incomprehensible to unauthorized recipients). Calls from non-payers will not be protected.



Zoom publish by Eric Yuan, former Vice President of Cisco Webex, who left Cisco in 2011. At startup, only 40 engineer work Zoom released a preview version in September 2012 that could host conferences of up to 15 participants.

In January 2013, the company raised $ 6 million in an investment round by Qualcomm Ventures, Jerry Yang, WebEx founder Subrah Iyar. And Cisco adviser Dan Scheinman, releasing version 1.0 of the program, with an increase. In the number of participants per conference at 25. At the end of its first month, Zoom had 400,000 users, and in May 2013, it had 1 million users.

Zoom became a publicly-traded company On April 18, 2019, reaching a valuation of $ 16 billion on its first day of trading.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many began using Zoom as a platform for teleworking, distance education. And online social relations due to the obligation of social distancing. Many educational institutions switched to online classes using Zoom. The company offered its services to primary schools for free in many countries.



Zoom has come under fire for “security flaws and poor design choices” that result in increased scrutiny of its software. In April 2020, CEO Yuan confessed for the security issues. Alleging that some of the issues were the result of Zoom design for “large institutions with full IT support.” . Zoom quickly responds, agreeing to focus on data privacy and issue a transparency report.



When a Zoom video conference participant unexpect sends offensive or pornographic materials to the entire group, the phenomenon called zoombombing (literally, “Zoom bombing”).

Zoom has released a guide to help prevent the problem, presented at both educational and commercial events.

Entering a conference call requires a code and often a password. The keys publish in internet forums where some users share their access. The keys publish by students and others interested in destabilizing their institutions.


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