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Learning Virtually: 4 Amazing Games that Will Sharpen Your Child’s Mind

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Children consider things uninteresting once the teacher doesn’t meet what they’ve been expecting; in this case, you can use their gadgets such as mobile phones to connect them with things they usually hate. You can download applications or visit websites that deal with numbers and other types of lessons your child needs to learn. You’re not just teaching your children to love a specific subject; you’re also giving them a healthy environment. Many online games like best fps aim trainers can sharpen your child’s brain; you can take a look at these four applications and download any of these games you find suitable for your kid. 

Coolmath Game

The Coolmath game is one of the cool math games your child will surely enjoy; it’s a training app where reasoning and understanding bind with joy and logic. It has many challenges that need to be answered, pushing their brain to think critically.

 Aside from that, there are lots of games related to Physics and Mathematics; I’m sure your kid will enjoy it. This app will train your child’s strategic, mental, and logical skills; therefore, download it now and introduce this app to your kiddo. 

Some of the fantastic features of the Coolmath Game app that you’ll enjoy are the following: you can have unlimited playlists, custom themes, username and avatars, several numbers of skills your child will surely enjoy, plus you’re able to demonstrate concepts using conversational and casual language. 

Aside from that, you’re also allowed to educate the kids on some of the basic math applications and concepts, much free math, thinking, logic, and strategy games that will surely capture your child’s interest, different tricks that can be used by the teachers to encourage their children in the classroom and many more! It’s amazing and fun to use! 


If there’s an online game that is trusted by everyone, MathGames.Com has gained that title. People love this app for some reason; it’s free and has worksheets that can be printed. These worksheets examine the students’ mastery of several Math topics. Aside from that, it’s simple to operate and provides detailed knowledge of the students’ development. 

One good reason this game is highly recommended is that it can be performed at home and even in school. Educators and parents can offer their children assignments to assess their math skills; if they decide to give the children some exercises, they can customize the activities according to the students’ grade levels. Having this kind of setup creates a more friendly environment between the parents and the children or teachers and students.

The MathGames.Com Provides you the best features, Pal! You can download the games as apps on your tablets or mobile phones, it can be played using browsers, or on any device, it’s free to play, students can log in and play using any gadgets while saving their progress, create your worksheets and download them any time you want, and can create detailed lesson plans, exit tickets and assignments. 

Those are just a few of the features they offer; there are lots of them that you’ll discover once you give it a try. Don’t be hesitant, Pal; there are over five million educators and students who trusted the Math Games.Com, and they never feel dismayed. 


Are you trying to find games that have a wide range of topics? Well, you must take a look at this website! The ABCya.Com offers educational videos, games, and activities exclusively for school-aged youngsters. The fantastic fact this website has is it’s well organized; there are categories such as numbers, letters, holiday games, skills, strategy, and many more. These topics are arranged according to their Grade statuses, starting from pre-K up to the sixth level. 

We’re all aware that children’s attention can be caught using colorful views; the good thing is this website has this kind of interface, making the children participate in the activities without any hint of disapproval. Moreover, some subjects deal with parts of speech, grammar, multiplication, pattern recognition, and basic typing exercises; all these topics will help your child develop a more critical and logical mindset.

You can play all the regular games on desktop; your mobile phones can access it, but only six games per week. You’re also allowed to access ABCya! videos and save three games. Fresh content is given every month, plus there are more than two hundred fifty games and activities you can enjoy provided by ABCya!

For those who avail the Premium version, they’re given the right to save their favorite game, set a timer to trace the amount of time they’ve spent playing the game, complete mobile access, no more ads, plus they can play games in full-screen view. If you’re craving for the full version, then subscribe now and start enjoying the premium features! 


The MathPlayground has a vast collection of math games, reasoning, step-by-step educational videos, pattern blocks, modeling devices, challenging puzzles, and several problem-solving exercises, requiring intensive effort. 

Moreover, it offers topics about geometry, word problems, percentages, graphing, algebra, and logic. Aside from the math games mentioned previously, it also includes graphic math resources that can be used by the teachers when showcasing math ideas. After each lesson, your kid will be a math wiz in no time! 

Download Educational Games For Your Kids!  

Honing our children is a lifelong process, but once we understand what they like and notice their strengths and weaknesses, you’ll start to enjoy their company. Technology helps us in so many ways; since children love having gadgets beside them, why not make learning fun using their devices? Contrary to popular belief, we can actually use these gadgets at our advantage. Swap up some RPG games to educational ones and let your kids play with them once in a while. There are a lot of useful apps and websites, such as the ones we featured, that will not bore your kids. There’s no excuse in not tutoring our kids since there are a lot of free materials on the internet. 

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