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What is Dead Wi-Fi Zones and How to Avoid it?

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Dead Wi-Fi Zones

Wireless networks are very important for the daily life of users. As we know, today, it is more common to browse through Wi-Fi than to do it from the wired network. It is true that if we look back just a few years ago, it was normal to connect from a computer that, in turn, was connected to the cable router. However, the rise of mobile devices has caused us to have more and more equipment compatible with wireless networks. Now, sometimes problems do arise. In this article, we are going away to tell you about how to avoid dead Wi-Fi zones.

What is Dead Wi-Fi Zones?

First of all, we are going to explain briefly what dead Wi-Fi zones are. Basically, we can say that it is that place where wireless connectivity does not arrive or does not do so in a way that allows us to navigate the Internet correctly. This is something that happens in many homes and workspaces.

Let’s take as an example that in our house, there is a specific room from where it is impossible to connect to Wi-Fi. No matter how rigid we try, we cannot connect to the network, or if we succeed, we do not obtain an adequate speed to navigate correctly.

Luckily we can take into account certain tips that we are going to give to avoid these dead Wi-Fi zones. It is something that we can apply in a home or in any other place where we have the Internet, but the signal does not reach all areas correctly.

How to Avoid Dead Wi-Fi Zones?

As we have said, this is something that can happen in our homes or workplaces. It is common and results in a problem if we want to connect from other devices, and we see that it is impossible. We are going to talk regarding some aspects that we must consider to at least reduce the problem.

Change Router Location

Without a doubt, a very important aspect and that we must take into account is the fact of changing the location of the router. Sometimes simply by changing the place where we place this device, we can avoid problems that result in a bad or null Internet connection.

The interesting thing is that the router is centrally located in the home. This means that we must place it in a position from which it distributes connectivity for the entire home in the most optimal way possible. Indeed, it will not always be feasible, but whenever we can, we should apply this advice.

It must be placed in an elevated position and that it is as far as possible from walls that may interfere. In addition, if necessary, we can put it in those locations from where we connect more frequently to take better advantage of the signal.

Have Network Amplifiers

Of course, we must always take into account the possibility of having network amplifiers. We have a wide range of options in this regard. There are different types of network amplifiers.

We can use PLC network extenders, Wi-Fi repeaters, or Wi-Fi Mesh systems, for example. All of them, with their particular characteristics, aim to improve the wireless signal. It is a way to avoid dead Wi-Fi zones that can affect our connections.

Avoid Other Devices that Interfere

We must also avoid other devices that interfere. Some appliances can affect the proper functioning of Wi-Fi networks. This means that if they are close, they can reduce connectivity and generate problems that make it impossible to navigate or is very limited.
It is essential that both near the router and the device that we are going to use, there is no other equipment that can interfere.

Change Wi-Fi Channel

As we know, we can use different channels on our Wi-Fi network. It is possible that the one we are using is saturated because other neighbors have their devices on this same channel. This would cause a loss of signal that affects the proper functioning of the router.

Therefore, one more tip is to change the Wi-Fi channel when we live in a building with many neighbors, and there may be many connections. It is another point that we must take into account to avoid dead Wi-Fi zones.

Use the Cable if Possible

One more option is to use the cable whenever possible. We can take the Internet connection to more distant places without losing quality. Without a doubt, the cable is always going to be more stable than the wireless network and can avoid problems when it comes to connecting and not having any loss of speed.

In short, these are a few interesting tips to avoid dead Wi-Fi zones. The goal is none other than to enable us to connect wirelessly without having problems with speed, quality, and stability of the connection.


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