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How Do Technologies Influence The Consumer Shopping Experience?

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An increasingly automatic consumption that demands a greater speed in the shopping management of the entire purchase process, an omnichannel consumer who makes his purchases online, off-line, and click & collect (buy online and collect in-store).

A greater purchasing power due to disintermediation and more information through direct channels such as mobile applications are some of the changes or trends in consumption for this year.

97% of innovations are not technological, but innovations based on the improvement of the service and the shopping experience. This state by experts from food companies such as Nestlé or distribution companies such as Walmart.

The Experts Highlight 6 Trends for Shopping:

Automated Consumption

Most households connect to the Internet, consumption habits change. We go from the concept of the utility of the purchase to consider it, and entertainment, an activity, an experience, a fun.

The Shopping Experience

Stores become places to experiment and share opinions with other consumers. The purchase process becomes an experience.

The Image and Visual Culture

A demand for visual language in-store, a well organized and neat store. Visual strategy, since more and more people use their phones to make the purchase, the image is what prevails. This aspect started on the Internet, but it is spreading to stores since it is what the consumer is used to seeing.

The Sensory Purchase

Shopping experiences directed by the senses. For example, a soundtrack in which the music that accompanies you and makes you feel a new experience.

The Apps War

Increase in mobile applications. They are used to personalize the shopping experience, and it is necessary to be cautious and adapt to the true preferences and expectations of consumers.

Hi Tech vs Hi-touch

On many occasions, innovations are not technological but base on technological developments. However, the focus of innovation should be on the consumer, in what
At AINIA, through consumolab, we specialize in sensory marketing, and we have great know-how about the experiences and relationships of consumers with brands.



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