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10 Underrated Android Entertainment Apps To Add To Your Smartphones

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10 Underrated Android Entertainment Apps To Add To Your Smartphones

Underrated Android Entertainment Apps – Looking to add some apps to your smartphone? If it’s entertainment apps you’re searching for, then you’re in luck. In this article, we’ve collated some of the most underrated Android entertainment apps that we think should be on everyone’s phones!

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VLC Media Player

The top media player on a desktop is the best Android video player in mobile, bar none. VLC retains the functionality and ease of use that made millions of users on desktop love it enough to be their main media player in the mobile version! All of those features and work on codecs and such are now available to Android. The smartphone app is a joy to use, takes up less space than its desktop counterpart, and has all the bells and whistles of a great media player!

Asphalt 9

A fairly popular game franchise, Asphalt is a racing game with high stakes and gorgeous graphics. The 9th version may not be available for some, but it’s one of the best racing games out there today to devices that can effectively run it. Collect cool cars to compete in leagues, create your own story, and upgrade your collected cars to compete with the best of the best!


Netflix is so overrated these days that more and more streaming services are cropping up. One of which is Hulu. mardaani 2 full movie online filmyzilla Although you still need a subscription for it, the amount and breadth of programming and original content that you can access within the app are competitive with Netflix and Apple TV. Plus, the content on Hulu seems to have more quality when compared to its contemporaries.

Hulu’s Original Shows are mostly critically-acclaimed, and while they’re mostly great picks for a movie night, there are also great network TV shows that have made it to the platform’s roster. When all else fails, there are feel-good movies you can automatically put on just to drone in the background too!

Pokemon Go

The initial hype for the official smartphone Pokemon game may have subsided, but it still is a cash cow not only for Niantic but for the Pokemon brand as well. Pokemon Go now features remote raids, mega evolutions, and Pokemon from five regions in its latest iteration,! If you’ve uninstalled this app after the initial hype, maybe it’s time to reinstall it! After all, the game’s motto “Gotta Catch Them All” should still apply!


Okay, hear us out. Tiktok is in no way underrated for millennials and Gen Z-ers, but for people over ’30s and ’40s, it could be a fun and silly app to get into! Make your own short videos and dance battles, then upload them for your network to see and watch! Or better yet, find videos that will entertain you for hours on end!

With Tiktok, you have a whole new social media that focuses on silly and fun things, discuss trivia and opinions, and many other video-centric shenanigans! Word of caution, though: as it is a social media, you can be wrapped up in scrolling and watching videos for hours, so be very aware of managing your time effectively!


The classic word game that pits people against each other to create words out of letter tiles is an addictive entertainment if you’ve ever seen one! This time around, though, you compete with people all over the world in a battle of wit and word supremacy!

Among Us

Another simple yet great game to spend hours entertained on, Among Us, is not your typical game of excellent graphics and intense gameplay. Instead, you play a game in what looks like a 32-bit setting, work on tasks, and try not to killed by the impostor that’s lurking on your ship. Or if you are the impostor, try not to be caught!

Most people dismiss this game because it’s low-res, but it’s one of those games that you can’t easily put down! The game is simple, fast, and straightforward—it loads quickly and doesn’t take up too much of your phone’s storage. Plus, it’s heavily rumored that a second iteration of the game is in the works!

Night Sky

If you’ve ever wondered what constellations are in your part of the sky, then Night Sky should be the answer to your questions! This gorgeous app has a stunning interface; it’s location-based, so it identifies where you are, aggregates data about the sky above you, and lets you watch the constellations up close. You can spend hours looking at the patterns and identifying the stars!

Plague, Inc.

Right now, it may be meta to play a game where you develop an epidemic, but Plague, Inc. is a fascinating dive into the world of bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens. You get to infect the world with a bio-chemical weapon, and in the process, you need to strengthen your virus, bacteria, etc., and make sure that the entire world population is eradicated.


Sometimes, you just want to sing your heart out. And there’s no better way to do that than a little karaoke! With WeSing!, you get to be the star of your own concert, pick your song, a duet with other people around the globe, and even guests appear on some of your favorite artist’s hit songs. You can even go live or save your best take for people to watch later on.

Singing your heart out is scientifically proven to reduce stress levels, so once in a while, lock the doors to your room, put your headphones on, and sing to your mic the way you know-how. Trust us, you’ll feel exponentially better afterward! WeSing! is free to download, plus signing up for an account is also free of charge.

In A Nutshell

Android apps have become entities of their own in the past decade or so. Many developers worldwide have gained worldwide success because of the platform. So if you’re an Android user through and through, you know that the quality of apps on the Play Store has exponentially improved over the years. In fact, it can be said that Android apps are now comparable to their iOS counterparts, even better on some accord!



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