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Theragun Presents New Massage Devices With Apple Health.

It seems that percussion therapy pistols are currently enjoying an incredible level of popularity. From Instagram to the gym, these somewhat bizarre masseurs are on every turn. Theragun has been there from the start, and today they present the fourth generation of their popular post-workout accessory.

New features and a small pair of designs with smartphone connectivity for a whole new approach to this essential gym. We have all the details, including costs or prices and availability, below gold on the latest Therabody percussion therapy guns.

Theragun Improves its Range for 2020

Dissecting everything in Theragun’s 2020 range reveals several notable new features. The headlining is Theragun’s QuietForce technology, which reduces the strong vibrations that have plagued this category of products for some time.

However, the latest version of Theragun promises to be “as quiet as an electric toothbrush.” This is partly due to a new proprietary motor developed by Theragun, which uses brushless technology like you would find in an outdoor power tool, to deliver an even quieter experience than ever.

Theragun today presents four new models with its updated engine technology: Theragun Pro, Elite, Prime, and the new mini. The first three are incremental upgrades, while the smaller mini arrives with a palm-sized design that deviates from the brand’s other products.


The new Theragun mini will cost $ 200 with a pocket design with 20 pounds of force and three speeds. It designs for 150 minutes of use with a full charge.

Three additional models complete the 2020 Theragun lineup, starting with the $ 299 Prime, which adds pounds of strength and additional speed settings. The Elite model will cost $ 399 with even more power and accessories and an integrated OLED screen. Finally, the high-end Pro will sell for $ 599 as a commercial quality alternative.

An interesting addition to today’s announcement is the inclusion of smartphone connectivity. Theragun offers a step-by-step instruction guide that guides beginners through the process. In addition, integration with Apple Health and Google Fit brings a new level of monitoring to the mix.

Theragun’s 2020 range is available for purchase today directly from the manufacturer.

Taking 9to5Toys

Theragun is certainly the industry standard in this product category. There’s a lot to like here with today’s announcement, which is especially true when you consider the $ 200 lower price on the entry-level mini model.

Integration with Apple Health is an interesting development, although the nature of tracking is a bit lost compared to traditional data sources that track training time and the like.

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