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Digitize Your Business And Create Your QR Code Free

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Digitize Your Business And Create Your QR Code Free

Digitize your Business

QR Code with the global economic crisis, one of the biggest lessons learned is the importance of digitizing businesses.
Therefore, taking advantage of information technologies and learning about new business opportunities is the objective of the National Business Summit, organized by SMEs from Costa Rica and TDR Digital.
From digital marketing strategies to e-commerce, the Summit offers content for entrepreneurs to successfully adapt to the new market dynamics, mastering the tools and techniques necessary to compete at this juncture and in the future.
“It is the way to provide the business sector with the knowledge and tools to adapt to the new competitive situation in the market, which consists of two parts: innovate and improve their commercial strategy,” said Andrés Chavarría, general director of SMEs de Costa Delicious.
By participating in this event, you will receive presentations from international speakers, downloadable business tools like digital menu QR, and learn global best practices for digitally innovating and transforming.
“This approach comes from the entrepreneurs themselves. Many times they are told what, but not necessarily how. With this event, we intend to provide the necessary tools so that anyone can go from rhetoric to action,” added Chavarría.

QR code

QR code is a two-dimensional four-sided barcode that can also store encoded data. Although, the data is a link to a website (URL).


Today, QR codes can be seen on brochures, posters, magazines, etc. You can easily spot these two-dimensional barcodes around you. QR codes allow you to interact with the world through your smartphone.
Specifically, a QR Code extends the available data to any physical object and creates a digital measure for marketing operations. This technology enables and accelerates mobile web services: it is a very creative digital tool.

How to Create a Free QR code

a Free QR code generator – consider monitoring and analyzing its performance if it allows you to design a code that is unique to your brand and if it is compatible with the most common QR code readers.
Additionally, the rest of the tools

What are the different types of QR codes?

QR codes can trigger various actions on the smartphone on which they are read. Directing a user to a website is not the only possible action, and some of them are worth knowing (such as saving a business card or connecting to wireless networks).


By exploring these QR codes, users will stay directed to a web page and discover the available content. It is the maximum common type of QR code.

Business card

A contact card with the details you have entered will not be automatically stored in your smart phone’s contact list with these business card QR codes. You can enter their names, addresses, phone numbers, emails, etc.

Wireless network

You can create QR codes that contain your wireless network credentials. After the scan, the smartphones will connect automatically!

Send an SMS

Save the content and the phone number of the recipient of an SMS message. After the scan, you have to confirm before sending it.

Send an email

It works the same as the QR Code type SMS. Only this time, the email content, subject, and recipients are entering to enable delivery after scanning.

Call a phone number

Enter a phone number when creating the QR code. When scanning, users will be prompting to call the phone number.

Add an event to the calendar

After scanning these QR codes, you will be asking if you want to save the event to your smartphone’s calendar. By adding the event to your calendar, you will be reminds of the correct date.


When creating these QR codes, you enter the latitude and longitude coordinates of a place. By exploring them, users will be able to find the location in their favorite geolocation app.

Plain text

It is the simplest type of QR Code. Plain text encoded and will remain display on the screen after scanning. You can write whatever you want.

Dynamic QR Code

This new type of QR code is available with the Vivo Live plan.
It sends users to a web page that is very similar to the type of website or visitor. It offers useful new features.

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