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These are the 10 Technological Trends for Upcoming Year

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Predicting the future is an unreliable science. Still, every year experts make their science and technology predictions based on their knowledge and global trends.

We choose ten announcements in which these experts coincide and have to do with topics such as advances in 5G and improvements in health technology for prevention and treatment. of diseases.

These Are The 10 Most Important Trends.

1. Autonomous Cars Autonomous Cars

The most surprising news will come from Tesla, as its founder, Elon Musk, announced that it would have the first autonomous car later this year. In addition, Wayme, a Google company, is conducting tests of a taxi in California.

Cars with autonomous technologies – parking, braking, or changing lanes – will be more frequent, and it awaits that other types of transport such as messaging will also automate. This is why it awaits that there will be debates about regulation on this issue.

2. Personalized and Predictive Medicinemedicine

Thanks to genomics and the development of data processing, medicine will become increasingly personalized; that is, it will offer each patient the therapy they need.

This has notice, especially in the treatment of cancer. This information will also lead to being more predictive of how the body will react to the disease, making it easier to choose better treatments.

3. 5G Technology5g

Much is said about its arrival, but in 2021 few predict that it will finally take off. In 2020, countries like New Zealand adopted this fast communication network but at astronomical prices and with service only in certain areas of certain cities.

More affordable plans are expected this year for many more to adopt. This will allow the downloading of movies and heavy content in seconds. As data will travel faster, it will have many business advantages. Likewise, it will revolutionize the internet of things and the automation of cars.

4. Blockchainblockchain

For neophytes, this technology enables secure recording of transactions thanks to its encryption and decentralization nature.

FedEx, Walmart, and IBM, to name just a few, have invests millions of dollars in this trend, which is why many believe that its fruits will notice this year. If so, it will allow more control of information leaks, fortify digital ownership and prevent internet fraud.

5. The Evolution of the Aerospace Industryaerospace

Progress in this field has notice in recent years. You have to remember the impressive test of the Falcon Heavy from the firm Space X a couple of years ago.

This year SpaceX is slated to begin building the Starship, a fully reusable rocket. But more progress will be seen given that Space X is just one of the firms competing for private space exploration.

6. Artificial Intelligence Ventures into Manufacturing


Until now, the closest example of artificial intelligence (AI) were products like Siri and Alexa.

But this year, AI is expected to venture into the field of emotions and other areas such as manufacturing. The clothing company GAP and other companies like Kindred will use it to distribute their products.

7. Internet of Things

Although there is a lot of talk about this topic, there are fewer products with this technology than expected, and this is partly because 5G has not started. But this year will begin to see progress on the subject.

Amazon has already begun AmazonGo, a revolutionary purchasing system that uses the Internet of Things and mechanical vision to buy products from supermarkets without demanding or paying. Many in 2021 expect to adopt these types of technologies.

8. The Era of Quantum Computingera

Companies like IBM, Google, Intel, and Microsoft, among others, are betting heavily on quantum computing. This is why some consider that this science will finally start in 2021.

This issue is crucial since quantum computing promises to solve the most pressing problems in many areas, such as health and energy.

9. Evolution of Efficient Agricultureagriculural

In 2021 it will be more common to control crops with technologies such as computer vision and robots that collect plants and fruits will be seen more on the ground.

Other specialized technologies for efficient crop growth will also become more popular in the field.

10.Computational Vision vision

It involves tools and technology capable of identifying objects, places, and people from images. This allows, from a smartphone, to recognize the world.

This is the base technology for autonomous cars to navigate the streets and to detect defective products or equipment failures on the production lines. Security cameras, with this type of technology, will be able to alert unusual movements.

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