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10 Reasons To Use a CRM for Exponential Growth

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CRM for Exponential Growth

CRM for Exponential Growth – CRMs are a Necessity in 2022

CRM for Exponential Growth – For any business in 2022, the most important aspect to take care of is their customers — no other way around it.

CRM (Customer Relations Management) has become vital to any business. Most companies can’t survive without one.

It is important to be prepared and informed about all the details about your customer before any interaction.

The best way to do this is to have modular software that holds all key information in one place and delivers insights as and when required.

A well-designed CRM for Exponential Growth is a one-stop solution for all of your customer needs.

CRMs can help all sorts of businesses, from small-scale to large-scale, startups to established companies, manufacturing to services, and many other companies.

Here are ten challenges that CRMs can help you overcome —

1. Easy Lead generation

One of the most critical aspects of customer handling is generating and following up on leads. CRMs help you automate this process by reviewing and storing every interaction with your customer.

You can view a customer’s journey from the beginning to the end at a glance, giving you a holistic viewpoint of any interaction.

You can further nurture leads to prospective subjects and, finally, to actual customers.

2. Detailed analytics

When you use dedicated software like a CRM, you get consistent data about every customer interaction. This data can help you gain crucial insights and highlight emerging trends.

You can easily run analytics on the collected data to generate reports or mark trends.

You can also generate data in graphical or tabular form from the software and deliver it in a format for everyone to understand.

3. Developing key insights

CRMs allow you to understand your customer in a holistic sense.

You can track metrics like demographics, Website traffic, Customer engagement, etc.

With these key insights, a business can increase customer retention and open new areas for the company to expand. You can also make your sales practices more efficient and prudent.

4. Automated Responses and marketing

With all the contact information neatly organized, targeted marketing becomes effortless, with options to automate this process entirely.

Regular delivery and timely follow-ups become significantly easy to manage with CRMs.

CRMs also help assign tasks to respective employees/departments. Your customer retention is bound to improve with a consistent and responsive strategy.

5. Organized customer data

CRMs allow you to have a structured database of every contact. You can look at invoices, bills, or interactions anytime in the future. Everything is in one place, unlike emails.

You avoid confusion and mismanagement as everything is connected and centralized.

You can also manage access control. Only certain employees can view or manage(edit) data.

6. Customer Segmentations

With the history of every customer linked, you can Segment your customers into categories based on their sale volume or interests. Segmenting your customers will allow for more effective and targeted marketing.

Running detailed analytics and generating key insights on your customer base will help you understand customer-centric trends.

With this data, You can further refine your sales pitch, thus retaining more customers and getting more Business.

7. Cross-department secure data sharing

CRMs also help you with internal communication within the company and not just customer interactions.

Assigning duties and releasing only relevant information can be done swiftly, thus adding more security and easy management.

Tagging departments, follow-ups, and alerts can all be recorded and made to reach the intended employee/team without delay or fuss, thus streamlining the process.

8. Creating reports

It is easy for CRMs to generate reports from structured and organized data.

With a CRM, you can easily share Sales, Marketing, and Financial reports within the organization.

You can then use these reports to review your current engagement strategies or implement new ones.

9. Sales Forecasting

From the reports, companies can create a reliable sales forecast.

Companies can use these forecasts to predict their growth. It can help companies make the right decisions, especially in uncertain times.

Forecasts can help you segment between off-season and on-season demand and help the company prepare for the situations effectively.

10. Easily facilitate scaling

A CRM can ensure seamless scaling on all fronts.

The CRM stores relevant customer data, metrics, and contact information, so you can scale up your sales and operations almost linearly.

You can easily change your marketing and customer service operations as your Business grows.

A single CRM is all that is needed to scale most businesses. You can think of scaling up the Business without breaking a sweat about your customer relations.

CRMs in the Market

A good CRM will skyrocket a company’s growth. There are many available, but you shouldn’t choose the wrong one.

You should be able to customize the CRM based on your needs. It should have multiple integrations with other tools.

In the end, it should increase the efficiency of a company.

Let’s take a look at some of the best CRMs —


This is one of the best CRMs to use, especially if you are under a budget constraint. Hubspot has a free tier. You can use most of the features at no cost.

You can subscribe to the paid plans as your company gets more extensive.

With Hubspot, you can connect all your social media handles, emails, ad accounts, etc. You get information about lead generation and conversion rates.

You get standard CRM features like Sales management, analytics, and automation.


DevRev is the first CRM that helps B2C companies. It focuses on developers, users, and products. DevRev is essentially a DevCRM.

It is essential for companies that use a product-led growth strategy. It provides a platform for all of your issues and tickets in one place. That way, developers only have to use one tool.

Users can voice their problems with a dedicated chatbox. Any company can integrate DevRev into their product with the PluG SDK.


Zoho is great for all basic CRM functionality such as leads, accounts, invoicing, etc. But what stands out is its customizability.

Zoho has something called the Canvas Design Studio that lets you design the CRM based on your likes. You don’t have to stick with some boring design and dull colors.

Zoho offers many features at a great price.

CRM for Exponential Growth Benefits

With all these features provided by CRMs, you can expect your company to have heavily benefited. Here are a few points that CRMs can help the organization with

  • Better customer Retention
  • Streamlined Team communication
  • Timely follow-ups
  • Forecasting and uniform Reporting
  • Leads to prospective customers

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