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Know Your Technology: The Frequently Asked Questions, Answered

Know Your Technology – We may all have our own personal and home smart technology and be using it on a daily basis, but there are still many who don’t have the foggiest about technology. We don’t know what we should and here are some of the more commonly asked questions and answers for the tech that you probably have.

How long should I keep my Mobile Phone for?

Well, for as long as it does what you need it to do. There may be a trend to change mobile phones as soon as there is a new model or if it is on a contract and this is up for renewal, we often simply take it as expected to have the latest smart mobile no matter the additional costs, thinking that we need it.

Is it Unsafe to Use my Smart Mobile to Pay?

Paying with your mobile phone or pay by phone/contactless payments have become much more common and a phenomenal number of companies, banks and more now allow for this means of payment and the biggest question by users is whether it is safe. It is only as safe as your own banks’ online security and the security of your payment app and the mobile technology that you use to make these payments.

Is a Lesser-known Brand Laptop just as Good?

A laptop is made up of components and the theory is that as long as the same components have been included as in a name brand item, the no-name or un-known brand tech should be just as good. The truth is that is there is more to it that just the components and companies like the Lenovo brand are established and well known, and the products will carry a warranty and likely be better quality. You get what you pay for and as long as you accept the risk and know what the tech capabilities are, then a lesser-known brand may be just as good for you.

Should I change the Battery whenever I can?

Most of the technology batteries that we use, mobile, laptop, tablet will all degrade over time. However, you can prolong the battery life by simply ensuring that you charge the device before it reaches the critical level and only charging it until it is full and unplugging it. Don’t work on the tech while plugged in unless you are charging it.

Must I Accept all Upgrades and Patches?

The tech you have is run and driven by the software package that you have uploaded or the operating systems. To keep your tech running as it should, you must indeed accept and run all the supplier provided patches and upgrades. These will cover gaps that have been identified and many serve to improve performance of the tech.

There are hundreds more questions, but these were the ones most frequently asked and whose answers online differed immensely, the aim here has been to clarify these issues and provide some clear guidance with regard to your smart tech.

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