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Parents, Students, and Teachers Have To Face The Challenges Of Adapting To Online Education.

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Adapting to online education due to the lockdown and closure of schools, offices, and businesses. Due to the contingency for the new coronavirus (COVID-19), parents, teachers, and students are trying to adapt to the new “routine” and the challenges of learning in line. In this situation, parents and teachers must continuously communicate. And find the best way for their children to continue learning from home.

Human Performance and Health advises that while parents seem to have taken on the role of educators, teachers must remain present and stay connected as much as possible. The principal encourages parents to be patient and avoid disciplining their children during school activities. Mainly if children are used to their teachers using positive reinforcement, rather than scolding.

We are all going through a very abrupt change that can produce fear and anxiety. One of the best ways to counter that feeling of insecurity is with consistency. For example, if a family previously had a rule of how much time children could spend watching television. That rule should remain the same as much as possible. It also invites parents to allow their children to have video calls to socialize with their school friends to prevent them from feeling lonely. Even though they are four years old, and their conversations are meaningless.

Students don’t need to Spend Eight Hours at “School.”

Although maintaining a routine and consistency, it is advisable, various factors such as the possibility of having access to the necessary technology. Busy parents working from home, sick relatives. And other diverse circumstances, trying to implement a traditional school schedule virtually can be impossible.

Both parents and students must “unlearn” at this time because a virtual schedule is not the same as a traditional one. Notwithstanding the elements over, the pace of separation learning is unique. Given that the structure of a typical day is totally different than when you are at home. And all the more so when, if there should be an occurrence of possibility. All relatives need to live respectively—24 hours at home.

The Other Side of Online Education

Another challenge that little talk about online education is that this modality highlights the socioeconomic inequality that millions of families experience. Unfortunately, some students do not have the technology, space, or environment necessary to meet their academic expectations.

In addition to these barriers, there is the fear and anguish generate by the fact that many parents are becoming unemploy. Relatives are getting sick or dying.

Given all these changes that we are experiencing worldwide, constant communication and closeness between parents, educators, administrators. And students become more important to know what challenges they are facing and how to overcome them.

But above all, both parents and teachers must take into account that not everything has to be perfect, that it is okay to have bad days and make mistakes. We are all learning in this process.


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