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How to Improve Sales Performance with Sales intelligence tool

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How to Improve Sales Performance with Sales intelligence tool

In this new age, customers are getting more aware of what they want, what to buy, and what brands they want to build relationships with. Since technology is getting advanced, customers like personalized and relevant contact from the companies at every point of interaction. Giving personalized customer service to buyers is impossible without proper user research, customer insights, their behavior, and their needs and wants. 

This also causes a hindrance in closing more leads and moving them further into the sales process, no matter how experienced your sales team is in SaaS sales. That’s why all the information gathered about your customer gives you an upper hand over your competitors and helps in closing more leads.

Though knowing about your customer’s needs, wants, and pain points are not enough. It’s also crucial to figure out what your target audience is, and the ideal industry, size, technologies, and target to engage them with the right content and messaging. And the same goes when it comes to targeting the decision-makers, if you don’t know about them and it wouldn’t be possible to engage with them properly.

How sales intelligence tools will boost your sales performance?

The right sales intelligence tool will help you to gather insights, monitor, summarize the data about your customers and leads. Insights collected by the sales intelligence tools will keep your sales team up-to-date with the current trends about your target accounts. In simple words, a sales intelligence tool makes it easy for sales reps to do their jobs. It happens by:

Increasing their productivity

Sales intelligence tool lets sales reps automatically decide which prospect to follow-up first, and categorize prospects into qualification-based or value-based groups. Automation tasks such as sorting out leads, sending messages to low-interest, unqualified leads. Thus, letting you focus on more important jobs.

It also has a buying intent data feature that lets you prioritize and find out leads that are more actively involved in making a buying decision.

Intent data is referred to as the set of behavioral signals that allows you to understand the intention of your prospects to purchase your service or product. The buyer intent data helps you figure out active leads and prospects who are deciding whether to purchase your product based on the type of content they consume. 

Doing more fruitful conversations

Customers often find it frustrating when they have to deal with sales reps who don’t understand their needs and always push prospects to try a solution that is not relevant to them. This leads to unhappy customers who later drop out of using your services. 

Around 57% of customers feel that salespeople don’t come prepared for their first sales meeting and they don’t personalize the conversation. 

This problem can be solved by using the sales intelligence tool. The tool will identify the topics to which prospects respond the most and sales reps can use those topics to steer the conversation and talk about the right points.

Timeline of sales cycle gets short

Many times sales reps use all their time on unqualified prospects or extend the length of the sales cycle to sell the products to the prospects. When the right intelligence data is combined with the buyer intent data, it lets sales reps access which prospects are the right fit for your organization.

Create more actionable strategies

A good sales intelligence tool helps decision-makers (CMOs, CFOs, etc) by pulling out those particular insights from the pile of databases, workflows that specify their department. Sales teams can use these insights to develop strategies that help in engaging with the prospects, improve the lead conversion, and also increase the revenue.

Use sales intelligence tool to generate leads

Closing new deals means generating more revenue. To get maximum profit, many companies focus more to identify prospects and selling opportunities.

The business has different channels for lead generation, such as content marketing, cold calling, SEO, advertisement, hosting conferences, etc., 

That’s why a sales intelligence tool is used to find new, quality leads and nurture them throughout the buyer journey. 

Using the sales intelligence tool speeds and boosts up the sales process and provides a consistent lead pipeline.  


All your efforts and research only prove effective when it is driven by the right signals and data. The collected data helps sales reps to be more productive and it also helps in generating more leads, which becomes easy by using the right sales intelligence tool. 

What sales intelligence tool do you use to drive leads?

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