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What is Pubg?- Its Good, Bad, and the Weird

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds(Styled as PUBGis a massive multiplayer online battle video game published by Brendan Greene and established by Bluehole for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Android, and iOS. The game was a battle royale of WEAPON 3, which release year was in 2015. The game in styleBattle Royale from the mods previously developed by Brendan “Playerunknown” Greene for other games, but independently expanded under his creative direction.

In the game, one hundred players parachute from an airplane on an island, where they are free to move to a specific location of their choosing and search for weapons and equipment to kill other players while alive. In the available safe area of ​​the game map, which decreases in size during the game, directing surviving players to smaller areas and forcing confrontations. The last player or team standing alive till last wins the chicken dinner.

Good of Pubg

You go through a dry grass esplanade with your three friends. Your chargers are practically empty. You have barely been able to get a level 1 helmet. One of you is still wearing that garish red cap.

You have no sights that allow you to distinguish the branches of an enemy’s tree and your clothing, in black, they will give you away as soon as some clever team passes by.

Still, as you joke about how you’re going to be killed by another team, you coordinate, crawling on the ground neither too far nor too close to each other. Your muscles get tense, thinking that anyone who looks at that esplanade with their Kar-98 will see you.

You are approaching a house that seems uninhabited. Two enter from the front and two others from behind; As fast as you enter, you die for the players waiting at each door, who had seen you five minutes ago when you were talking about the weapon you would like to obtain.

Pubg is tough.

The player’s ability to shoot, control bullet trajectories, and even drive is important, but just as fundamental is luck. And despite this, which could seem a negative thing, each game, each strategy that goes well, each planning that is distant within a few minutes of starting the game, is comforting. It’s fun.

The emergent gameplay – that is, the one that arises from the players who use the elements placed by the developers in unexpected ways – is one of the fundamental pillars of PUBG. Its 8×8 kilometer map, its variety of buildings and orographic. And the marked differences between the weapons provide the essentials to make each game different.

There are two triggers for these elements to become one of the craziest and fun experiences – to watch and to play – on a PC: 100 players divided into teams of 4, 2, or individual and an electrical storm that is closing the usable terrain on the map as time passes.

Bad of Pubg

Although it has infinitely improve since it appeared on Steam on March 23 on Steam Early Access, the game’s definitive release has yet to be dated, though it covers for this year. They have added new weapons, fixed bugs, and added others- they have touched up a hundred small elements.

But there is still a single map, something that can do repetitively when the number of hours on Steam has reached three figures. Although yes, they have included various weather conditions and have promised that there will be more maps in the future.

Game biggest

Also, one of the game’s biggest regrets remains almost unchanged from launch. At the framerate level, the performance is still not optimal, with constant drops in frames unless you have a very powerful team. It is one of the main reasons why the adaptation to Xbox One causes us doubts since a computer with its technical characteristics would sweat – or explode – when trying to move PUBG.

Not having friends to play PUBG can be considered by most players as bad, although some can think quite differently. Many players prefer to play solo because the experience becomes practically a survival-horror. The search for ammunition and equipment is a constant threat by that bullet that can come from anywhere.

Weird of Pubg

The weird thing about Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is that we have been unable to predict its success. A game inspired by Battle Royale that since its beta phase has already started to promote with Twitch streamers. Game as fun to watch as it is to play and full of unexpected moments. A game capable of creating absurd situations as soon as four friends put on the headset.

Its success has even reached countries like Japan that, although with a reduced PC community. Has caused more than half of Overmatch players  to move to PUBG.(one of the greatest computer successes in the Japanese country in recent times)

The strange thing would be that PUBG stayed in these 10 million and that the version that will arrive on Xbox One does not instantly become the star game on the console for this Christmas campaign.

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