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NFC Technology – What is It, How it Works, and what is DNI 3.0?

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nfc technology

NFC Technology

New technologies come to simplify our lives, and the NFC technology system is more present in the day to day than one can imagine. In the mobile, the transport subscription, the credit card, and even in the new DNI …

How does it Work?

Near Field Communication – or Field Communication in Spanish – is a wireless technology based on the proximity of two devices to exchange data. The terminals must be almost touched to act. They can send information to each other, or only one of them can send it.

Does My Mobile have it?

To find out if the terminal has this system, you have to look at the mobile’s technical sheet. However, on Android smartphones, if the model not remembers, you can see it by clicking on Settings and then on wireless connections and networks. If it is, it can be activated and deactivated at the user’s pleasure. It can also found in the notification bar.

In the case of the iPhone, Apple equips its phones with this technology. Terminals 6, 6 plus, 6s, and 6s plus it can only use with the application of the own brand, Apple Pay. But later models, which have the iOS 11 operating system, can already use NFC with more apps.
Can I Pay with My Mobile?

Yes, but for these three things are needed: that the terminal has NFC, an application, and a contactless dataphone.

There are multiple applications in Google Play that the user can pay (BBVA Wallet, Santander Wallet, Vodafone Wallet, and CaixaBank Pay).

The DNI 3.0

In 2015, the electronic DNI change to 3.0. This new document includes NFC. And for greater citizen security, a PIN is required, which is given at the same time, to access the archived information.

What data is inside? The same that is in the physical format of the DNI and, voluntarily, you can add an email and a phone to contact in case of emergency.

Also, with an NFC reader connected to the computer (or via mobile), it can carry out administrative procedures related to the State.

Travel Pass

In cities like Valencia or communities like Madrid, cards work with this technology to recharge and ‘chop’ the ticket.

In Malaga, the mobile already uses to pay for the bus, although only for those who have Vodafone. The normal subscription can also recharge with the smartphone, but it will have to bring to an authorized terminal that gives the order to the card.

Contactless Cards

The revolution came with these time-saving cards. Move it closer to the dataphone and, in the event of a purchase over 20 Euros, insert the pin.

Some ATMs have enabled the same function to withdraw money. It seems that this technology is here to stay.

Data Exchange and NFC Tags

This technology allows two mobiles to share photos, songs, and videos.

Thanks to the NFC technology stickers, we can configure actions for the phone and that when the terminal approaches the tag, it is activated. For example, if the sticker is on the nightstand, the mobile would change to silent mode, and the alarm clock would be activated.

The configurations can be of all kinds, including sharing the WI-FI password or our data as a business card. It only takes one app to give the tag the order.

These stickers already sell, and multiple apps will give the orders to each user’s taste. It
will only be to close the mobile to perform the desired action.

Identification in Events

The mobile can open the doors of certain events without showing over and over to see the accreditation. It has already successfully test with those attending the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.


From airports to museums. NFC technology simplifies life for tourists. Just by moving your mobile closer, the boarding doors open for Air France passengers, or information on the pieces access at the Alhambra Museum.

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