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The Best Free Web Proxies to Surf Anonymously and Securely

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A proxy is an online service that acts as an intermediary between our browser and the server we want to access, thus masking our IP. It is usual to use one of them when we want to skip a content restriction.

This restriction can given either by the server, bases on geolocation. For example, Netflix, when it does not allow us to access our account from another country. Or when a URL restricts in the local network from which we access in institutions Public often occurs.

Among the multitude of free proxy services that we can find on the Internet, we indicate some of the most recommended:



Hide.Me (“Hide me”) is one of the best known and most popular web proxy services. It does not retain our data and, in addition, the URL that you provide us to mask our identity will expire once we close the browser.

It provides us with a built-in pop-up ad blocker (If your browser doesn’t already include it). To improve our user experience and gives us the option to block scripts and control browser cookies.

We will also find limitations in the free version if we intend to access the proxy through several devices simultaneously.



If you use a proxy to access HD video streaming services with locks. It based on the user’s geographical location (a category that includes both Netflix and YouTube, for example). Your best option will be 4everproxy.

It offers 11 web servers in Europe, North America and Asia. And an even greater number of geographical origins for the IP that will provide to the server that we want to access. In addition, the IP will rotate after each connection that we establish, thus increasing our privacy.

Like other services, it makes it easy to allow or block cookies and scripts. But also allows you to delete the titles of the pages so that the browser’s history does not betray us either.



In principle, Kproxy offers us the typical form to insert the URL and select the server. But in this case, it also allows us to choose if we want to connect using HTTPS or not.

And also, just below, we offered to install the official Kproxy extension for the browser (for Chrome / Edge and Firefox), which they claim.

In addition, on the web, they also offer us the option of downloading a portable ‘Kproxy browser,’ They provide complete documentation.



It does not provide any news compared to the other services already reviewed, but ProxySite is a reference service, as popular as it is reliable. It offers 25 European and North American servers as options when connecting.

Additionally, it promotes your access to sites like Google seamlessly, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, or Imgur (each of which has its access button on the ProxySite cover page).



The VPNBook web proxy is extremely simple: enter the address you want to access. Select one of the four servers it offers (UK, USA, Canada, and France) and click on ‘Go.’ Done, you do not have to select any other option (nor is it offered to us).

Thus, the traffic will automatically encrypt (“to circumvent the government censorship,” as its website says), and your IP will hide. VPNBook specifically highlights its ability to unblock YouTube and Facebook.


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