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What is Environmental Technologies? – Its Classification and more

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environment technology

Environment Technologies

Environmental technologies, also called technology or green technology clean, is applied in production processes without causing damage to the environment, or the least possible.

We inhabit a world heavily polluted by different elements that have mostly been generated by human action.

Given the seriousness of the loss of quality of life that a healthy environment could offer us, such as clean water, air, and soil, the man himself has produced technologies that heal the evils that he has caused to the earth.

However talking about environmental technologies that prevent the generation of more damage to the environment in which we live. But they do not stop the productive growth of society but allow its development.

Environmental science use to conserve nature and the resources it provides us

It is applied so that human action does not cause negative impacts on the environment and natural resources


Environmental technologies have divided as follows

Environmental technologies adapt to a variety of sectors and application areas.
Its development affects scientific Research and influence by the needs that are part of environmental technologies.

Four Important Advances of Environmental Technologies

Meanwhile Technological processes can reduce the consumption of raw materials and energy. But Others enable the production of different and new items as novel processes.
About the environment, four main areas of biotechnology are there.
In the first place, we find biomass that, among other utilities, is a substitute for fossil fuels in a wide variety of chemical production processes.

The change of raw materials requires various processes in bio-refineries.

Secondly, we have biotechnologies
They are processes that increase production due to their efficiency compared to their equivalent in chemistry. It can apply in industrial processes such as pharmaceutical, chemical, food processing, pulp, and paper.

The third is an agricultural
In this area, However, technology is of outstanding and fundamental importance. It helps reduce the need for pesticides through the development of resistant crops.

It has great potential to improve the characteristics of crops in a matter of genetic engineering.

And fourth, biotechnology

(e.g., microorganisms) is used to purify contaminated water as well as the atmosphere and soils.

The Reduction of Damage to Nature

Production and application of enzymes. It is important to clarify that the production of enzymes for industrial use originated in Denmark and Japan at the end of the 19th century.

Enzymes are products of cells. They obtain from animal tissues, plant tissues, or fermentation processes.
Fermentation efficiency

  • Biopolymers
  • Bioethanol
  • Bio-based chemicals
  • Bio-recovery

For the environment, these biotechnologies are fundamental.

Access to finance, industrial and intellectual property rights, a collaboration of science in industry, public opinion, and barriers to adoption and dissemination.


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