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4 Image File Extensions and When to Use Them

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4 Image File Extensions and When to Use Them

Image File Extensions – You’ll need to know the various image extensions and when to use them if you have a website that you maintain every day. The following is some helpful information about the four main types of image files and when it would be beneficial for you to use them.

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JPG or JPEG files are Image File Extensions probably the most popular of all the image formats. The JPG extension is best to use with photo-quality pictures. You would use this format if you want your picture to look realistic and give the viewer an experience as if they are there.

JPG is the smallest in size, as well. That might make them the perfect choice for your website if you want to preserve space and bandwidth. The downside of using JPG files is that they lose a little bit of data every time someone saves them.

Therefore, people consider them as “lossy” files because they can lose quality with each save. The good news is that you can use a tool such as Adobe Acrobat to convert your JPG to PDF if you so desire. Doing so will allow you to preserve the quality of the image at a later time.


GIF is another file type that many people use. This is most likely the best extension to use for animations. GIF files are amazing for memes and explanatory pictures.

They are also highly compatible with various operating systems. Recipients and viewers are likely to see your GIF images on Unix, Windows, and Mac machines.


PNG is another format you may want to consider if the quality is the most important factor. PNG files are lossless, which means they don’t lose data the same way JPG files do. Furthermore, they are high-quality images.

PNG is the best format for company logos and banners. This format of images supports transparency, as well. You may want to consider using this format for your projects if you are concerned about having the highest quality at all times.


PDF is a wonderful format to use if you want to allow other people to view and perhaps edit your image. You can collaborate with a designer or artists to create the perfect logos and other artwork for your business. Vector image files are much more flexible than other types of files. You can resize them to make them as small as a stamp.

Alternatively, you can resize them to make them wildly gigantic. The flexibility is there, and this format might be the right choice for you if you want that flexibility available to you. Again, you can use Adobe Acrobat to convert your JPG files to PDF files if you believe it will benefit you to do so.

The quick lesson on the various file extension types is complete. You may now create your images and assign the extension you believe is best for those files. You’ll find that website operation goes more smoothly when you use innovative tactics with your files.

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