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What Is Information and Communication Technologies (ICT’S) and What it Brings To Our Company?

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Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

The technologies of information and communication technologies (ICT) are the result of putting interacting computing and telecommunications. Everything, in order to improve the processing, storage and transmission of information.

Thus achieving improve the level of our communications. Creating new forms of communication faster and of higher quality. Improvements that reduce costs and time, applicable to both the business world and life itself. Providing us with greater comfort and improving our quality of life while advocating for the environment.

What Make up Information and Communication Technologies?

Terminals, networks and services, therefore, can also be classified according to whether they make use of one or another of these elements.

In relation to devices, much has been achieved. The computer has evolved since its appearance and continues to do so at a dizzying pace. Like the peripheral devices that complement it, offering other possibilities.

Technology has not stagnated in computers. We are surprised by introducing new types of terminals in our lives or improving their characteristics. What happened to that mobile phone whose only function was to call. Now they are much more sophisticated devices that have revolutionized communication. Video calling, free text messaging apps, social media, etc. are some examples.

As for the networks that allow devices to be interconnected, the cornerstone would be the internet. Its impact on society cannot be explained in a few lines, but it is what makes this world go round. ICTs have done a lot of hard work in the field of networking. Improving fixed telephony, mobile telephony, the internet itself, going from the telephone connection to broadband, then to fiber optics and bringing the connection to mobiles. Thus allowing us to be informed at the moment.

The other element that make up information and communication technologies are services. The range of services offered to us is increasing: email, information search, online banking, electronic commerce , e-administration, e-government *, private services, leisure services, etc.

What do ICTs Bring to the Company?

We are going to respond by distinguishing three levels.
At the information level: It reduces costs and improves its use and transmission. (see document management)
Company structure level: Improves communication and personal relationships of workers.

At a commercial level: Extension of the market (electronic commerce), decrease in logistics costs , facilitate feedback with customers and improve brand image.


Information and communication technologies are a tool that serves to make our lives easier and more comfortable, both personally and professionally, and it also gives our planet a little encouragement. Therefore, why not give the green light to these advances.

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