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Welcome to the Post-digital Era – Is Your Business Ready

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The Post-digital Era Is Coming

In this new post-digital era, mastering digital is no longer enough. And your Technology Vision looks at the solutions available to companies to renew their business model. And customize the customer experience, particularly through the use of more powerful technologies.

At the same time, managers realize that certain values, such as trust and a sense of responsibility, are not hollow concepts, but real levers for the success of their business. ”

This 2019 study identifies five emerging trends that companies should take into account:

1 – The power of DARQ

Four technologies that will change everything.

When asked about the technologies that will affect their business the most over the next three years, 41% of executives cited AI-first, twice as many as for the other three DARQ technologies.

Applied separately, each of these four technologies allows companies to differentiate their products and services. Together, they multiply their fields of action by allowing them to reinvent entire sectors of activity.

2 – Exponential Customer Knowledge

Unique experiences for unique clients.

The interactions that technology creates influence the digital identity of consumers. The data collection constitutes a living knowledge base that is essential for understanding new generations of customers and offering them unique experiences that are perfectly suited to their profile.

More than four in five IT professionals (83%) believe digital demographics can identify unmet customer needs and create new market opportunities.

3 – Augmented Talents

Change the working environment or risk slowing down your teams.

Today we speak of an “augmented” employee, drawing on both his skills and knowledge but also on those brought by technology.

In the post-digital era, consequently companies must take into account this new way of working.

However, More than two thirds (71%) of managers consider that their employees have a digital maturity higher than that of their company. Teams are still waiting too often for their organization to catch up on this matter.

4 – The ecosystem, a structure of opportunities … and threats

Refuse to be a vector of its faults.

The more companies turn towards their ecosystem, the more the connections they establish make them vulnerable. Large companies are aware that security is a priority.

However, they collaborate with their ecosystem to offer the best products, services, and experiences, even though only 29% of managers declare that they are aware of the compliance and resilience measures implemented by their partners in terms of security.

5 – At the forefront of the markets

Understand customer needs instantly.

Technology is creating a world of highly personalized on-demand experiences, and businesses must reorganize to identify and seize them. Each of them must consider as being a single and ephemeral market on which to position itself.

Six in seven professionals (85%) say that personalization and real-time delivery are the most important competitive factors.

The study shows that to innovate in the post-digital era. Companies must determine how to shape the consumer environment and identify the most opportune time to meet their needs. They are taking their 1st steps in a world in which products, services, and even the consumer environment are personalize and adaptable at all times.

Businesses interact with them in all aspects of their personal and professional lives, transforming the world around them.

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