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Candy Crush Saga – Its Description, Characteristics and More

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Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga is a game of logic, multidomain developed by King, originally available as an application of Facebook and adapted for Operating Systems Android, iOS and Windows Phone, the date of initial release: 12 April 2012 has obtained the nomination.

Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award for Favourite Application, and People’s Choice Award for Favourite Mobile Game.


When you start a game, you will see the board covered in candy. The gray area on which the candies are is the game board. You will only be able to move the candies in those areas (which means that if there is a free space on the board, you will not be able to move the candies on it).

You will also see your bonuses at the top of the screen and the score necessary to pass that level. Just below, or to the side, you will see the Movements with a number. This is the number of moves you have left before the game ends. The game does not complete when you reach a particular score, but when you run out of movements or achieve the objective of that particular game.

You’ll also see a progress score bar. Every time you crush candy, you will earn points. These points will help you to go from one level to the next. If you did not score enough points when completing the level, you will lose a life. If you lose many lives, you will be forced to return to the beginning of that section. Lives can be seen on the game’s home screen, where you can also see the levels you’ve already completed. They give you 5 lives and recover one by one when 30 minutes have passed.

The game is played by moving candies, in any direction (as long as they are not blocked), to create groups of 3 or more equal candies. When grouped, the candies will crush, and the ones above them will drop, allowing you to achieve several different goals. If you create groups of more than 3 candies, you will achieve combinations of sweets.

You can earn some of the boosters at the start of the game. You can also buy more in-game using real money. These boosters can help you finish a level when you’re too frustrated or have few moves left. Use them carefully, because you never know when you will need one. Use good strategies.

Each level will have a set goal. This can consist of achieving a specific amount of points, destroying a specific group of squares (covered with jelly), or other objectives such as forcing objects to fall to the bottom.

You will play a series of levels, each with a different board, many of them with different objectives, and you will advance as you achieve the objectives of each one. The game is divided into stages of 15 levels each. To advance to the next level section, you will need to obtain tickets (3 to be exact). You can get these tickets by asking other friends to play Candy Crush Saga or buy them.


  • Tasty game modes: Target Score, Timed Levels, Drop Mode, and Order Mode.
  • Collect sweets to progress in the Candy Counter and get super sweet surprises.
  • Spin the daily booster wheel to get a delicious prize.
  • Beat level 50 to unlock the Dream World and escape reality alongside Odus the owl.
  • Unwrap yourself in delightful settings and meet the sweetest characters.
  • Tasty candies individually wrapped and striped candies, Color Bombs, and several more magic boosters to help you beat exhilarating levels.
  • Hundreds of the best high levels in the Candy Kingdom,
  • High Rankings to see the score of your friends and competitors.
  • Get in Connect to the Internet to unlock all game features and sync your game across all devices.

Candy Combinations

  • Combining four candies will create a special candy that will break a whole row when you make another group of 3 or more candies with it.
  • If you combine 5 or more candies arranged as a T or an L, you will create a wrapped candy. These explode destroying the surrounding candy box (when combined with 3 or more candies of the same colour), and then it will blow up another 3 x 3 block around the space it falls into.
  • If you combine 5 candies in a single row, you will get colour bombs. These bombs look like chocolate balls covered in colours sparks and will pop all the candies the same colour as the candy on the board you trade it with. They do not have to be part of a group of three. Choose with tactical intelligence which colour you want to eliminate.
  • You can also combine two special candies. This will produce a variety of effects.
  • Combining a striped candy with a wrapped one and a striped candy with a colour bomb has especially productive results, as this will eliminate a large number of candies.

Some Tips to Win Candy Crush Saga

  • Eliminate the complicated or dangerous candies that appear on the board first. Some squares, like the ones with bombs or chocolate, should always remove first from the board because they do not allow you to advance or make you lose. The bombs will explode before you finish the level if you don’t eliminate them within the movement limit specified in them, while the chocolate will multiply if you don’t destroy it.
  • Pay attention to the corners or edges of the board. You will find many levels where the game board is not a perfect rectangle or where some are missing. You will have to plan your game well because they can be incredibly difficult to clear.
  • Change the board if it looks too difficult. Once you become familiar with the game, you will know when a board will be too difficult to finish. You can change the board using boosters or exiting before making any moves.
  • Invite your friends to play Candy Crush. The best strategy to advance in the game is to make your friends play too. It is a social game, and you will get a variety of benefits if your friends also play. Friends can send you boosters, the necessary tickets to advance through the levels, and bring you many more benefits.
  • Ignore most of the suggestions the game makes to you. The game will make suggestions for movements if you do not have an activity for a long time. These suggestions are random and generally better ignored. If you have no time limit, take all the time you need to consider what is the best move available. If you only try to score before the time limit, accept the game suggestion.



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