During A Power Outage, Does The Internet Over Cable Still Work?

Power outages cause utter frustration. When there is nothing to do, of course, you further revert to the scrolling patterns which leads to a concern that during a power outage, does the internet over cable still work? A very valid question we must say, and here we are to answer.

When the power goes out due to extreme weather or a transformer failure, your internet-connected gadgets may be rendered useless for the duration of the outage. It is certainly possible that your cable internet will work, nevertheless, it will require some preplanning from your end. In the world today, we believe everyone must stay prepared for blackouts and power outages. No matter how much you will contact your CenturyLink servicio al cliente for assistance, in the end, it will be your preparedness that will count.

Will cable internet work without the power?

Internet transmitted via a cable should be available in most circumstances because your internet service provider has backup generators in case of a power loss. In case that your ISP does not have the backup generator then of course the chain of the line cannot begin at all. Whereas if they do have generators and backups helping their lines, then it comes to your end. The chances are that your cable internet might not be able to work either during a power outage could be because your router and modem may not be powered by a generator, and both of the equipment require power.

The modem is what connects your home to the internet. Consider it the hub of your internet, which converts digital impulses from your devices into analogs that are delivered through coaxial cables and the other way around as well. Along with that is the router. A device that is responsible for distributing this connection to the devices and allows them to share one connection.

Because both of these gadgets require power to function, you won’t be able to connect to the internet if there is a power outage. Some newer routers, on the other hand, contain batteries or another backup power source that keeps them running after a power outage.

How To Stay Online

There are several ways that you can keep the internet on during a power outage, nevertheless, the length of this outage is a crucial aspect as well.

If the outage is expected to last a short while, keeping all of your technology on a UPS may be sufficient. An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is a backup battery system. It charges while there is power and kicks in when the power is turned off. Many are designed to keep a computer running long enough for you to not lose your work. However, longer running times necessitate a more costly UPS.

Smartphones can be used to tether a laptop which is also known as utilizing it as a “hotspot”, and give the laptop internet access if you are having wireless phone service, which is rather more likely because providers have the backup and generators, and also assuming that you have a fully charged batteries to use. Tethering must be supported by your wireless operator, and the amount of bandwidth you may utilize for it is usually limited. Remember that you’ll be using data rather than Wi-Fi, so if you don’t have an unlimited plan, this may get expensive.

You can also make use of a portable broadband gadget. This is similar to tethering. This instead of using your phone, you use a specialized device to connect to the internet via a mobile signal. For Verizon’s 4G LTE Jetpack, for example, you can purchase a prepaid plan. There are a variety of different wireless options available as well.

Causes of Power Outages

Let’s go through some very common reasons as to why power outages occur in the first place.

  • Natural Disaster: Power outages are caused by a variety of natural factors, including the weather. Wildfires, floods, earthquakes, and mudslides all have the potential to disrupt systems.
  • Failure of the equipment: The components that deliver power to clients, like any other piece of equipment, can fail, break, or wear down through time and exposure to the environment. Transformers are susceptible to failure. Insulators are prone to corroding and breaking. Cable insulation might crack, and wires can snap.
  • High Demand: A power blackout can be caused by too many people taking too much electricity in one region at the same time, which is a common and surprising reason. Excessive demand might overburden the system and cause an outage on a hot summer day when everyone’s air conditioner is working overtime.


Regardless of the causes of a power outage, if you find yourself in this sticky situation, you know your best option as to how you can stay online since it is not just easy to keep the internet even if it is just the cable internet.

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