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Play PUBG Mobile On PC With Tencent’s Official Emulator

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play pubg moblie on pc with emulator

Play Pubg Moblie on PC with Emulator.

‘PUBG’ (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) is one of the most successful ‘battle royale’ games.

The mobile version of ‘PUBG’ (‘Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds’) arrived on March 19 on mobile with iOS or Android and is already one of the most popular titles for smartphones. And before, of course, the Xbox One version did.

The problem is that gamers had sought life to enjoy mobile gaming with mouse and keyboard. They used emulators. That gave them a certain advantage when playing, and criticism rained down in the ‘PUBG’ community.

Play pubg moblie on pc with emulator that forced PUBG Corp. to modify the matchmaking system to match users using an emulator to play with each other. It seemed like a bad arrangement: criticism followed. And so, finally, Tencent, the company that has developed the version for phones and mobile devices of ‘PUBG,’ has released an emulator.

It is in this way that we can already play ‘PUBG Mobile’ on PC officially. It is a beta emulator, and, in any case, it will allow us to play games only against other users of the emulator.

Using it has that advantage, the use of mouse and keyboard, and the price. PUBG’s mobile version is free; the original for PC is not. And it gives us the same experience as the original game, which came out in March 2017 for Xbox One and PC.

How to Download and Install the Official Tencent Emulator

To be able to play PUBG Mobile with the official Tencent emulator. Once you have done it, you have to install it, accepting before the application changes the device. Once finished, you can start playing PUBG Mobile on PC.

PUBG Mobile options and changes on PC

The PUBG Mobile version for PC allows you to choose between different graphics settings and customize the gaming experience. It should be that playing PUBG Mobile on PC will only let you fight against your friends or other players who are also using this version, so you will not be playing against Xbox One, PC, or mobile players. However, there are certain advantages, such as choosing that the aiming assistance activates or having information about objects, among others.

As we have advanced, the controls change and are as follows:

  • ‘W’, ‘A’, ‘S’ and ‘D’: move character.
  • ‘Q’ and ‘E’: look left and right.
  • ‘1’ and ‘2’: switch between primary weapons.
  • Space bar: jump.
  • ‘C’: bend over.
  • ‘Z’: lie down.
  • Shift: jump.
  • ‘F’: use objects.
  • Left mouse button: shoot with the main weapon.
  • Right mouse button: it is using the close aim view.
  • ‘B’: change shot type.
  • ‘M’: access the map.
  • Tab: access the backpack.
  • Esc: access the configuration.


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