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What is Robotics? – Its Advantages & Disadvantages, and Three Laws of Robotics

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Robotics Definition

We can define the meaning of robotics as a science that brings together various technological branches or disciplines to design robotic machines capable of performing automated tasks or simulating human or animal behavior, depending on the capacity of its software.

We define a robot as an automaton entity made up of artificial mechanics and an electromechanical system. The research of science and technology has made this. A robot differs from a bot in that it is made up of physical and tangible mechanisms, while the bot host the software within a virtual system located in the Cloud.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Robotics

The latest advances in robotic engineering have enabled them to implement in any workplace. They are especially interesting to lower production costs and allow them to be used in places of risk or generate muscle overloads for the operators, which reduces sick leave and accidents.

Another characteristic of robots is that they work with a precision that is not alter by tiredness, sleep, work shifts, or illnesses. But, they also do not need vacations or “for the moment” you have to pay taxes for them.

While it is true that industrial robots can work 24/7, just like with an operator, robots need preventive and palliative maintenance.

The biggest drawback of implanting robotic devices in jobs is that it will continue to cause massive job destruction in the next decade, mainly in the industrial and services sectors. It is certainly a difficult reality to hide, although it is equally evident that millions of new jobs will generate around robotics.

Three Laws of Robotics

It defined as robotics, the science that is in charge of studying and designing robots. He was the one, who coined the “Three Laws of Robotics” for his science fiction novels:

  1.  Robots cannot harm a human being.
  2. A robot must accept the orders given by a human being while it does not harm any other human.
  3. A robot must ensure its existence as long as it is not contradictory to the first and second laws.

One of the biggest efforts in robotics is to investigate how to improve the interaction between people and androids.

Types of Robots that Exist:

There are different families of robots, as well as the ways to classify them, and in this case, we are going to divide them by their functionality:

  • Industrial robot. They have mechanical or polyarticulated arms with different axes, which can be mobile or fixed.
  • Service robot. They are social robots and can be of the humanoid, zoomorphic, or zoomorphic and mobile types. Their destiny is only for sectors such as health, leisure, or military defense, among others.
  • Nanorobotics. They are robots that, due to their small size, that are made to perform scientific functions.

A little further, we delve into the information on the different types of Robots that exist. As is the case of butler robots, educational robots, agricultural robots, collaborative robots, or robots intended for the industry’s automation, cooking robots, etc.

Why study Robotics Engineering?

One of the virtues of studying robotic engineering is that it is one of the most exit professions in the labor market. Both in the present and in the medium and long term. It’s frustrating to finish a cart and ask yourself. What good is knowledge if they don’t give me a job opportunity? Well, this is not the case of robotics.

Keep in mind that currently, there are hardly any qualified professionals in Robotic Engineering. As the European Union stated with concern. By 2020, we will find ourselves short of people who meet the labor market’s needs in the Age of Robots.

It is a career of great interest that encompasses different sciences. And that also allows you to acquire an enriching component such as mastering new technologies. To offer a prosperous future to our minors, the public bodies strive to implant the subject, career. In master’s degree in robotics in centers and universities, even online, to adapt to your needs.


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