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5G Network Write For Us

As has happened with many other technological improvements, 5G is here and will do it to stay, beyond5G Network

The technology wars between China and the United States. Therefore, The achievement of the fifth-generation mobile network will change the way we communicate, develop the ability of the information highways and allow everyday objects, from the fridge to cars, to be able to connect in real-time. Its deployment represents a real technological revolution that will allow. for example, to carry out tele-assisted surgical interventions. Such as the one recently performed in Barcelona. Deploy new fleets of autonomous vehicles. And also, coordinate agricultural work through sensors installed at different fields.

But what Exactly is 5g?

the name 5G refers to the 5th generation of mobile networks that we know. Gone was the old 1g network, that of those first mobile phones that only allowed talking. However, 2G technology introduced SMS, and little by little our ‘smartphone’ became an increasingly comprehensive communication tool. First, the Internet connection (3G) incorporated. Then broadband (4G) arrived, which brought with it the reproduction of videos in real-time (streaming) or augmented reality, something to which we are already very accustomed. A few years ago they were completely unviable.

How 5G will Change The World

The most significant advance will come from the hand of speed. 5G will allow browsing up to 10 GBps (gigabytes per second), 10 times faster than the main fiber optic offerings on the market. At that rate, for example, a full movie can downloaded in a matter of seconds.

In addition, latency (the response time of the network) will also experience a significant advance. According to the operators, this could reduced to 5 milliseconds. An almost imperceptible period for humans, which will allow us to attach practically in real-time. This data is essential, for example, to minimize the response time of an independent vehicle to improve the safety of together the occupants and any pedestrian around it.

Thanks to this new technology, we can, for example, exponentially increase the number of connected devices . Vehicles, industrial robots, urban furniture (speed bumps, road, bus stops) or any electronic device that we have at home will connect and share information in real time.

Is 5G Dangerous?

The WHO classified wireless technology as carcinogenic level 2B. Therefore, Very generic cataloging that, according to the health organization itself. Refers to compounds “possibly carcinogenic to humans, that is, when a causal association is considered credible.” Still, chance, bias, or confounding cannot ruled out with reasonable confidence. A category that includes substances that regarded as mildly harmful, such as coffee.

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