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IT Security Write For Us, Contribute And Submit Post

IT Security Write For Us

IT security Computer security, cybersecurity, or information technology security (Computer security) protects computer systems and networks against disclosing information, theft, or damage to their hardware, software, or electronic data and against disruption or misdirection of the services they provide. To bring.

This area is becoming increasingly important due to the growing dependence on computer systems, the Internet , wireless network standards such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and the growth of devices. And also, Smart devices, including smartphones, televisions, and other devices. The different devices that make up the Internet of Things. Due to its complexity, both politically and technologically, cybersecurity is also one of the main problems of the modern world.

Why host cybersecurity in the cloud

In addition to Internet threats, non-IT risks cannot be predicted by a networked IT security strategy, such as equipment theft, fire damage, floods, other disasters, equipment mismanagement, and electronics failures. , among other things.

In these cases, the only solution is to have an external data backup. For this reason, and because of the advanced tools it uses to secure the flow of data, a cloud service is the best option under the IT security protocol that enterprises must adapt. Cloud security is similar to traditional IT security, without maintaining hardware or hardware such as physical servers or storage devices. It is scalable and provides standards, procedures, controls, and technologies that effectively protect data and applications.

IT security starts with infrastructure and then users.

Computer security on the Internet requires tools that protect the data center’s infrastructure, but at the same time, requires users to implement best practices, which is often a risk factor. Secure access methods that go beyond name and password significantly reduce risk.

How is a secure IT security infrastructure built

Dedicated hardware to ensure security, performance, and immediate response to threats is essential in data centers. However,  Network architecture means that data distributed across different servers so that it remains available at any time, even in the event of a failure. On the other hand, physical security is also a critical factor in preventing unauthorized access.

Therefore, In a secure infrastructure, data always encrypted and restricts its access to the public Internet, where it can be intercepted. And also, The keys to connections between servers are short-lived, making decryption impossible.

To prevent unauthorized access, two-step verification is used. That  in addition to the password, additional information is requested. Therefore, Physical keys can also be implemented. And also,  Administrators can manage sensitive data, and in the advanced sharing interface, they can disable downloading, printing, and copying files if necessary and set expiration dates for files. And also, Secure Infrastructure uses machine learning to detect phishing or identity theft, analyze patterns and similarities to sites that have already witnessed this scam.

How do I get secure accessors

As we have already mentioned, the main vulnerability of systems usually comes from users, not necessarily with bad intentions, but due to ignorance of good security practices.

Controlling access to systems and applications has become a widespread practice, and no one doubts the need to do so. However, username and password or password authentication may not be enough, mainly when the user too weak, predictable passwords  or decides to write them down in a notebook to use if you forget them.

Two-factor authentication

To make system access less vulnerable, in addition to asking for something the user knows, such as a name and password, in two-factor systems, the entry supplemented with something that belongs to the user, such as external physical devices—known as a token or mobile app that generates a random code that used only once.

Therefore,  Three-factor authentication systems where something that is part of the user also requested, such as a fingerprint, face image, or voice recognition. Two- or three-factor authentication recommended, especially for mission-critical services such as bank accounts, online store management, or system administration.

Data theft prevention should be a priority in any business. IT security effectively protects data and resources’ confidentiality and restricts access to authorized users using effective authentication systems. Cloud services ensure that information is always available and protected

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