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7 Best Metadata Management Platforms

Metadata management can be defining as the administration of metadata. Metadata is nothing but the information about the data of any business. So metadata management involves the establishment of proper rules and regulations to make sure that the available metadata is accessible. Maintainable and analysable to make the most out of it for the goodnesss of the business.

Metadata management: what are the best metadata management tools?

For a better metadata management, it is important to choose a good metadata management tool. In this article Learn about the best metadata catalog tools available today.

1. Collibra: Collibra data catalog has built a powerful brand in the field of data governance by helping users to search, understand and trust their data. Collibra is considering by one-third of the participants in the study as the metadata management platform of choice. Also, Collibra was one of the leading tool back once in the Gartner’s Magic Quadrant. Its data dictionary contains all of the organization’s technical metadata. As well as its relationship with other data, together with its format, origin, and usage.

2. Alex: When it comes to delivering metadata management and data governance solutions for critical business issues, Alex Solutions data catalog has become a household name. It has been built to help everyone to explore, safeguard, and understand information safely. Also, by being technology atheist and featuring a business glossary using which users can identify major business terms related to physical data properties, outputs, and processes. However, it differentiates itself from other competitors.

3. Alation: For all types of enterprise data, including data glossaries, wiki posts, and company dictionaries, Alation data catalog provides everyone in an enterprise with a common point of reference. While tracking its use, its data catalogue indexes data through sources, giving users a valuable insight into its development, use, and sharing. Also, in 2018, Alation won several data cataloguing awards, which include inclusion in the 2018 list of CRN of new vendors.

4. Anzo: Anzo allows analysts to manage concepts, relationships. Or even classifications by tracking approval and usage cycles of metadata elements. This solution allows for the reuse of data through semantic and conceptual research. It can also capture extended features of metadata. Finally, Anzo helps to handle metadata using it for data visualization, analysis, and integration processes.

5. Adaptive: Adaptive Metadata Manager is a product containing a large number of configurable software components. This provides the business with the six capabilities required to operate their metadata. Application modules are directly accessible from the web browser. Functions are also accessible through a desktop application.

6. Global ID: Global ID is a product suite of 30 different product features. The goal of this suite is to support the complexity and diversity of business data. Also, these applications were designing to be linking together to create individual workflows that can be executing with minimal human investment. This suite is automating, easy to deploy and scalable.

7. Metacart: It is presented as a metadata repository that brings together research and collaboration tools. These tools help businesses understand how to get the most value from an information set.

Users can use search tools and analytical tools to locate the metadata of the information in their possession. The ActiveLinx adapter enables automatic loading of structured metadata.

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