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New to Billboard Advertising? Here’s Your Ultimate Guide

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Billboard Advertising

Billboard Advertising – Digital advertising may be on the rise, but billboard advertising still holds a valuable space in the ad world and is heralded as one of the most effective out-of-home advertising methods. If you’re looking to get started with billboard advertising and don’t know where to begin, you need this guide. Whether you are looking to rent billboards in Indianapolis or New York City, read on for some important things you need to know.

Cost of Billboard Advertising

Location will play a huge factor in the cost of your billboard and depends on not only the population of the city but also the traffic patterns associated with particular areas. The type of billboard you choose will also be considered in the price. Classic billboards, which feature a static image, are lower in price compared to digital billboards, which feature moveable images. On average, a classic billboard costs $850 for a four-week campaign while a digital billboard costs $2,100 for the same campaign timeline.


Billboards in Indianapolis, for example, can cost between $1200–$3000 per month and the city has a population of around 860,000. In Los Angeles, with a population of nearly four million, the cost per month for billboards ranges between $1250–$15,000.

The Benefit of Digital Billboards

Digital billboards have become increasingly popular over the past several years and have taken billboard advertising to a whole new level. These types of billboards feature moveable images that can be switched out frequently. Brands can include much more information than with a traditional billboard and can include information on a timeline such as sales or timely campaigns because it can be updated in real-time. While digital billboards can have a higher cost, the price isn’t always exorbitant because you don’t have the whole billboard to yourself, you share the space with other brands.

How Billboard Ads are Effective

Even though it appears digital is taking over in many other industries, there remains value in billboards. Nearly 71 percent of drivers take notice of billboards as they are driving and 50 percent say they are engaged by the ads. While driving, distractions tend to be less compared to distractions on phones. If people see an ad as they are scrolling, they can quickly scroll away. However, when someone is stuck in deadlocked traffic, they have little else to look at so they take note of billboards.

When it comes to tracking the effectiveness, it’s not as easy as it is looking at the results from an online campaign. You can’t track conversions or impressions. Instead, billboards are best for increasing brand awareness.

Determine if Billboard Ads will Benefit your Business

To figure out if billboard advertisements are a good investment for your business, you need to think about your target audience. Are they the type of person who is commuting to work? Do they travel on the road often, even if it’s just on the weekends? Next, you need to identify the best locations for you so you can figure out the budget. Again, you will consider your target audience and where they live. Or, you need to identify where your brand isn’t performing the best and requires increasing awareness. Overall, billboard ads must make sense for your audience.

Billboard Design Tips

Any billboard design will be viewed quickly, so it doesn’t make sense to include too much information on the billboard. The design should be simple and easy to consume. Less is more on your billboards and should include straightforward copy and bold colors. With a digital billboard, you have even more room to be creative. Even if you have minimal effects, the movement will draw the eye and engage an audience. Either option you choose, make sure the font is easy to read, the colors don’t contrast, and the message is clear. Don’t forget to include your brand’s logo as well.

You also want to try to be as creative as possible. The ultimate goal is to make an impression and the best way to do that is by thinking outside of the box by creating a message and design that stands out. You want your billboard to be memorable so that when someone is at a place where they can, they can easily remember your brand and learn more about you.


Many brands continue to find billboard campaigns effective, even large brands such as Google and Netflix. There’s no reason that your brand can’t enjoy a piece of this advertising pie. Take a chance and give billboard advertising a try.


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