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The Best ‘Gadgets’ to Keep your Children Safe at Home.

Sometimes children have ideas that would not even cross our minds. Her adventurous spirit, together with her absence of fear, makes our children reckless.

Although it seems the safest place in the world, our house is full of traps.7 ‘ gadgets ‘ that will reinforce the security of the home to avoid accidents.

AutoClose Cabinets and Drawers

In drawers and cabinets, we keep many things that could be dangerous for a child. The drawer with the kitchen knives, the cabinet under the sink full of cleaning products, or the medicine cabinet must be well protected.

To ensure that our little ones do not open and touch all these sites, we can add these gadgets as security locks. This flexible length adjustable child safety lock is easy to install and remove for an adult but very complicated for a child. No tools or screws need; the extra strong adhesive tapes guarantee functional efficiency and adhere to different materials.

Fingers Out of the Socket

This new model gadget surpasses the lifelong plastic plugs that disabled the plug. It installs with an adhesive sticker, and the protector rotates to completely “blind” the plug when it not use or when the child has unplugged an appliance without us noticing.

Damn Corners

Racks or tables with sharp corners are a focus of accidents at home. If also, we take into account that these corners are often at the height of children’s heads. They are even more dangerous.

To avoid having to regret wounds and blows, we must get a protective corner kit like this. Its coverage of 8 corners and 6.20 meters of edge protectors, with a total of and 6.70 meters of protection, will avoid unnecessary injuries.

Don’t Let the Door Catch your Fingers

Children stick their fingers everywhere, and the doors seem to attract them like a magnet. This is why these strong foam door protectors create. They prevent the door from closing completely so that the little ones do not catch their hands. They are easy to install, remove, and put and come with drawings of cute animals.

Closed Stairs

This gadget is essential to have a security door for the stairs if you live in a house or a duplex and have children under 3 years of age. When you don’t realize a child has gone upstairs or, worse, try to go downstairs.

This retractable barrier adapts to the space that we want to restrict to prevent access by the child, such as a staircase, but also the kitchen, the fireplace, or an unattended pool. It snaps on between two walls and is very difficult for a child to open.

A Safe Dream

Children do not stop or sleep. They move, turn and wake up completely upside down. When it is time to change the crib for a bed, we must take into account that they can fall so that they will need a barrier for their bed. This portable barrier gadget has a metal frame, a mesh interior, and 66 cm long.

Anti-leak Doors and Windows

When we don’t realize it, a child can open the door and go out of the house, with all the risks that this entails. They can also do the same thing in a window and rush into the void. To avoid these accidents, which can have very serious consequences, these safety locks gadgets for doors and windows are a perfect solution. They lock the standard door lever handles and are also easily installed with highly resistant adhesive.

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