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The Highest Paying Salary Jobs in Technology

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There are Many Lists of Technological Jobs with Better Salary.

The average gross salary of the thousands of companies that offer employment at InfoJobs is 26077.12 dollar per year.

CIO – Chief Information Officer

CIO - Chief Information Officer (1)

CIO – $55886.75

The Chief Information Officer encompasses many responsibilities. It is a position that has to revalue in recent years due to the computerization of companies, and its online exposure through web pages, social networks, online stores, etc.

A CIO is on a mission to optimize the company’s computing resources. Consult system analysts and programmers to find out what hardware and software they need, manage databases, train staff, and ensure that the company’s various IT teams work in concert. His work is extensive, but it is a position of responsibility, with a good salary.

Information Architect

Information Architect

Information Architect – $44709.40 to $78241.45

Nowadays, a web page or an app is a critical tool for a company. It is the gateway for many of your customers, and the best way to sell your products or services. An Information Architect not only works with web pages, but it also coordinates social networks, software, and other platforms.

Its mission is to structure and organize the website, the company app, and other associated services such as email or mobile notifications to improve the user experience.

His salary varies according to the size of the company and the importance he gives to these issues, but in firms that work on the Internet, he can easily reach $78241.45 gross per year.

SAP Consultant

sap consultant

SAP Consultant – $44709.40

An SAP Consultant is a professional specialized in making the most of the SAP of the company. But wait, what is SAP? It is a little-known term outside of large company settings, which is where it is in use. Most medium and large companies (around 70 or 80%) use SAP.

SAP is a computer program developed by the German company SAP AG, which has been in development since the 1970s. It is a vast platform that controls all the data that a large company manages, organizes it, and distributes it to the corresponding departments.

SAP organizes sales, finance, banking, customer, manufacturing, inventory, marketing, human resources, and other systems.

It is one of the key pieces of a large modern company. That is why the SAP Consultant, who is in charge of supervising the platform and customizing it for each specific company, is such an important position and has one of them the highest salaries within the technology world.

AI and Machine Learning Expert

AI and Machine Learning Expert

AI and Machine Learning Expert – $44709.40

Artificial Intelligence will be the great revolution of our century. The ability of the software, or a machine, to make decisions on its own, and learn from its mistakes. The Machine Learning, ultimately. It is already in search engines, in virtual assistants, in photography and video apps, on mobiles, and it will be everywhere soon.

Cybersecurity Expert / Ethical Hacker

cybersecurity expert/ethical hacker

Cybersecurity Expert / Ethical Hacker – $39120.72 to $67064.10

Almost all companies manage their data through the Internet, including sensitive information: from customer data to finances, payroll, banking, professional secrets, etc.

No responsible company can operate without a Cybersecurity Expert to protect it from cybercriminals and spy hackers from competitors.

The ethical hacking profession is one of the most in-demand in technology. A hacker dedicates to looking for software flaws, preventing cyber-attacks, fixing security problems, and anticipating cybercriminals.

SEM Specialist / SEO Specialist

SEM Specialist _ SEO Specialist

SEM Specialist / SEO Specialist – $ 27943.37 to $67064.10

Although they have lost a lot of weight with the arrival of social networks, most Internet users continue to search for information in Internet search engines. These search engines have rules (almost always hidden and always changing) to organize the lists of results and decide which website appears at the top of the list.

The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) aims to make your website appear in the top searches that people do on search engines. This is vital in sectors with a great competition that works only on the Internet; that’s why an SEO Specialist is one of the most demanded jobs in technology.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) has a similar objective but focused on online advertising. An SEM Specialist plans the company’s online advertising and looks for how to get it to reach as many people as possible.

They are technological professions in demand in all kinds of companies and a very interesting salary.

App and Video Game Developer

App and Video Game Developer

App and video game developer – € 32,000

An App stores such as Google Play or the App Store have millions of mobile applications. It is a sector that provides many benefits, but only to apps that are successful. And the competition is fierce.

It’s not the highest-paying tech profession , because the barrier to entry is low (creating an app is relatively easy) and there are millions of app experts . But if you are really good the developers will fight for you, and you can earn a lot of money.

We have seen which are the best paid salary jobs in the world of technology. If you are planning your future, it is a good starting point to choose a profession. Good luck!

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