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Pac-Man Game – Characters And Its T.V Series

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Pac-Man Game

Pac-Man, puck man is an arcade video game publish by Tōru Iwatani of the Japanese company Namco. This product became a franchise consisting of several video games dealing with an animate being named Pac-Man and his adventures along with his friends and enemies.

It began to share in the United States market in the early 1980s by the company Midway Games. Since the emergence of Pac-Man on the market on 21 of maypole of 1980 the game was very successful, managing to become a global phenomenon in the gaming industry, I came to have the Guinness World Record for the video game arcade most successful of all times 293,822 machines were sold from 1981 to 1987.

Name’s origin

Tōru Iwatani ordered a pizza that time he design Pac-Man  . When Iwatani saw that the pizza was missing a piece, he realized that the pizza was shaped like a head with its mouth open.

The word Puck Man and Pac-Man come from the Japanese onomatopoeia paku ( パ ク ), which is the sound that occurs when it opens or closes the mouth. The name was Romanized as Puck Man in Japan (in English puck would be pronounced similar to Pac in Spanish), but Midway modified it to Pac-Man for the American market.



Pac-Man is a round ball  (especially in the first games) to eat everything in its path. His wife is Ms. Pac-Man, who, along with her, have a son named Pac-Man Jr. His main enemies are Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde.

Pac-Man likes to be with his family since he is kind and useful to them. Most of the time, he walks with a happy smile. Wear a pair of orange gloves and red boots. He also loves to eat.

Their regular food includes Pac-Points and fruits like strawberries, green grapes, cherries, oranges, peaches, bananas, pears, apples, power balls, and ghosts. He also seems very good in mazes, due to his extensive time in them.


Ms. Pac-Man is the wife of Pac-Man. Together they have a son named Jr. Pac-Man. His first appearance was in Ms. Pac-Man in 1981, beginning as an unauthorized sequel to Pac-Man being similar to him, only he had a bow tie on his head and lipstick. After being accepted by Namco, he appear very safe in his games and controllable in some while starring in others.

Pac-Man Jr. is the son of Pac-Man of approximately 8 or 9 years old, lives in the Pac-Villa with his family.

Professor Pac-Man is Pac-Man’s uncle. He lives in Pac-Land.


Blinky or Red Type, originally as Shadow or Hunter. He is the leader of the ghosts being the cleverest and most evil. It is red with red gloves and a malevolent face.

Pinky, originally as Ambusher. It is a pink ghost with orange gloves and a happy look.

Inky, originally as unstable. It is a light blue ghost with orange gloves and a shy look.

Clyde or Slow Guy, initially as Slow or Idiot. He is the fourth ghost being the dumbest and most incompetent of the 4. He is orange with red gloves and a stupid face.

Despite being an idiot, he is very useful and capable of being a Blinky server and very close to him since he has appeared in all the games except Pac-Attack.

T.V. Series

Pac-Man (1980 Series)

Pac-Man on the television show. In the 1980s, the famous American television show Pac-Man was released on television. The show resembles the Pac-Land or Pac-Man 2 game.

Pac-Man was in the show taking care of his family, going to work, or defeating ghosts. The spirits have their leader in this show, named Mezmarone who wants to destroy Pac-Man for some unknown reason.

Pac-Man (2010 Series)

A new television program released in the United States. This program uses the graphics use in Pac-Man Party.

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