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Do you Know What is Architecture Technology?

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Technology in Architecture

Architects and designers want to be in touch with their environments, understand the matter that spaces have on the people who use them, and positively influence them. At the root, there is a passion for turning ideas into interesting and functional spaces that others can appreciate and enjoy.

These passions and desires are far from the day-to-day demands of projects (deadlines, difficulties, and drainage systems!) Day-to-day can sometimes take the form of inspiration.

Being an architect or designer, the passion to inspire clients is not only a pleasure, a necessity.

If you can be successful in involving customers in their ideas, then you will win more projects. Emotionally communicating your ideas will help captivate your client and involve them in the project. Customers want to hear and participate in the story behind the building.

Technology is taking you the ability to tell better stories. But like all technological advances, some people update easily, and others find it more difficult to adapt. Those who are constantly updating are experiencing tremendous benefits.

Just look at some of the technological changes in recent decades. What were the methods you learned in college? How has your company evolved with the times? Asking those simple questions puts the speed of recent technological progress in perspective. A lot of adaptations are needed in these fast-moving modern times.

Just reflect on what has happened in recent years in terms of the architectural firm’s practical work. These are just a few observations from the past few years, which are forcing the architecture world itself for change:

  • Technology changes in the 10 years between 2005 and 2015 changes in architecture are having more impact than in the 20 years between 1985 and 2005.
  • BIM processes that are integrated into architectural workflows are already beginning to be mastered.
  • Communication between the architect and the client is undergoing a fundamental change that pushes up the quality of the designs, for example:
  1. 3D digital modelling is now the norm.
  2. Architectural visualization tools (like Lumion) are eliminating much of the need for specialized visualizations. This means that digital models can be displayed easily and quickly in an emotional and non-technical way.
  3. Sharing over the internet and mobile devices are changing the speed and nature of the interaction.

Such events force us to face the need to change ourselves or accept the possibility that we are left behind. In a sense, this is a unique moment in history. A large part of the adaptability is demanded by Architects, Designers, and many other established professions in the construction sector.

But not everything is fear and sadness. If we return to our main theme, the evolution of technology offers you the possibility to inspire your customers, bringing their ideas to life.

Now you don’t have to struggle to communicate ideas. Tools are available to create incredible virtual designs of your ideas and to communicate these using compelling visualizations.

Great advances have been made in making software easy to learn for the uninitiated.

Powerful technologies are no longer the exclusive domain of specialists. Even those who are uncomfortable with new technologies can quickly become competent.


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