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Improve Your Email Security By Help Of These 5 Main Tips

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Although the password is the key that opens the doors to the virtual world, Email would be this door that, in turn, opens others such as forums, Twitter accounts, Facebook, YouTube, Orkut, etc. If you lose your Email, you can lose all your accounts linked to it. Here are some tips to prevent this from happening.

If you have an email such as Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, or a corporate mail, you can register on other websites because the basic requirement summarizes in 3 factors, user identity, Email, and password.

Normally, to confirm a subscription in any forum, the website sends a confirmation to your Account, also, if you want to change the password of any Social Network, it will request the confirmation, and they will send you an email.

How to Take Care of your Email Account?

If someone appropriates your Account, they will be able to appropriate all your accounts linked to it, that’s why we share 5 ways to keep Email secure:

1-Periodically Change the Password

Periodically Change the Password

This helps to avoid tracking your password, and if someone could obtain it, they will not be able to access it if you ever change it. If you realize that someone has been sending an email from your Account, it recommends changing the password as soon as possible.

2-Access only from Reliable Computers

Access only from Reliable Computers

Some computers in cyber may have installed a program that tracks keystrokes and could appropriate your password.

3-Log Out Every Time You stop using your Account

3-Log Out Every Time You stop using your Account

It recommends to log out every time you have sent or read an email. Anyone could change access to your Account, or someone can use your Account for criminal purposes.

4- Use Strong Passwords

It recommends that you have a strong, indecipherable, but easy to remember password. Some accounts allow you to include numbers and symbols as a password, example: $% 123 //

5-Link your Email to Another

Link your Email to Another (1)

If you lose your account password, you can recover it by linking it to another Account. It is also important to establish a security question. With this, you will have more possibilities to recover your password if someone appropriates it.

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