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What is VPN (Virtual Private Network) And What to Look for Choosing a VPN?

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VPN - Definition, Its Server Costs And More

What is VPN (Virtual Private Network)?WHAT IS VPN

a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a group of computers connected with each other and the Internet. VPNs have many uses. Companies use them to allow their employees to work remotely and securely, transferring data, and more. Simple mortals use it to try to make themselves anonymous, masking their identity, unlocking country-specific content, and adding an extra layer of security between themselves and the large network.

Of course, VPNs are many. But for ordinary individuals, concerned just about security, VPNs are an easy way to encrypt their Internet usage.

Setting up a VPN network by yourself is not easy. That is why you can find a multitude of services, large and small, ready to help you. There are many reasons you use a it, and in that article, we are going to focus on why you shouldn’t just have a few free VPN services.

Proxy Servers Cost Money

Proxy Servers Cost Money

There is a very true saying: “Proxy servers don’t grow on trees.” Of course, they don’t, but they are usually in the cloud.

Although it may not seem like it from the users’ perspective, making a VPN work involves setting up servers (really powerful, always-on, with connected computers), hiring people to keep them. And keeping them working and writing software that allows you to make your connection through them.

Depending on what you are using the VPN for, there is also a large amount of broadband cost involves. So keeping a VPN is not like taking a walk in the park.

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What to Look for Choosing a VPN?

What to Look for Choosing a VPN_

When looking for a VPN provider, you need to make sure they don’t keep logs of your activity. If there are no records, there are probably no back doors for governments either.

It is also better than when the provider uses DNS servers and that their servers physical locate near their offices. Some VPNs allow you to access Torrents, and others do not.

What VPN Service Should You Use?

What VPN Service Should You Use_

You still need VPNs. That Comedy Central video locked in your country is not going to unlock itself. If you are an advanced VPN user, that is, if you need it to work or are going to use more than a couple of GB per month, you should invest in a paid [VPN] service.

They usually cost between $ 2.49 and $ 4.99 a month. And it services are not limited to just your PC. Once you have a monthly subscription, you can use the it on Android and iOS devices. You can avail VPN deals if you want to save few money.

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