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First-Hand Communication Tool: 9 Vital Tips To Write A Comprehensive Business Letter

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Despite their years in business industries, business people often make mistakes and disregard the proper rules and guidelines in writing a business letter. Misleading business letter concepts is one of the common factors why most of them still visit various websites, giving them useful tips to write a comprehensive letter.

To succeed with their intended goal for the negotiation, business people follow several business writing tips they have usually read online. There are hundreds of them available, but to sum up everything, here are the best tips to follow when writing a business letter.

Limit Your Letter To A Single Page

By nature, business letters should be precise. No one wants to read bulky paragraphs written in three or more papers with one intended goal. Thus, keep it short and on-point in a single page of a paper. There are various ways to maintain the length of your passages and keep it brief. You can check the words on the document itself, or through the character count tool, an online tool that helps you accurately count your whole texts.

Thoroughly Plan Your Whole Letter

Take a few minutes to carefully plan your whole business letter before writing it. You can list all the crucial points that you have to include in the letter. Always remember that a single business letter should contain the entire goal of the sender. All necessary details should be properly tied up to avoid writing a few more letters to explain your key point.

Determine What Type Of Business Letters You Have To Write

Before writing your whole business letter, determine first what type of letter you have to write for your intended recipients. There are many types of letters to choose from. Select what is appropriate for your goal. Check out these main types of business letters:

Letter Of Inquiry

This is a type of letter containing queries regarding the activities of another company. If you are intended to ask questions through a letter, make sure to gather all the necessary details before writing them. Create a list of all the significant points.

Letter Of Complaint

A letter of complaint is a letter written by a particular company or customers who are not satisfied with the products introduced. If you intend to write a letter of complaint, keep it as polite as possible. There’s no need to express how upset or frustrated you are; be professional in addressing the problem.

Adjustment Letters

This letter serves as a response to a previous complaint you have received. Usually, adjustment letters are very tricky to write and send because most of your intended recipients are those clients who are not satisfied with your services or products.

Cover Letters

Cover letters are usually sent with a resume attached. These are the types of letters written by people applying for a particular job or position. People are too careful in writing cover letters, as this may determine their fate. Others can get their desired position, but some senders cannot do so because of exaggerated messages to impress the receiver.

Order Letters

Order letters are sent to place a request or an order with a company name. The letter should contain all the necessary and accurate information. Thus, you have to thoroughly check all the included details before sending it to avoid possible issues. There are no rooms for mistakes in writing an order letter. Be accurate, and it is better to utilize straightforward terms. Too long passages look bulky.

Make It Reader-Friendly

This is the best tactic you should always keep in mind. A complicated letter will never resolve an issue or help you reach your intended purpose. The recipients will most probably neglect your letter after reading a complicated first paragraph. Thus, attempt to be reader-friendly. Always consider the perspective of your readers. Place yourself in the position of your recipients.

Make It Accurate And Timely

Two of the essential factors to consider in writing a business letter are its timeliness and accuracy. Most business letters cover financial implications. Thus, you should double-check all the information you have included. Check the dates. If future dates are to be included, ensure that they are appropriately stated in the message, providing recipients enough time to complete what is required of them.

Avoid Using Redundant Words Or Phrases

Redundant phrases make your entire letter complicated and bulky. Instead of using phrases to clarify your point, use a single word if possible. There are hundreds of redundant phrases out there that can be simplified using a single word. Thus, always review or rewrite your letters before sending them.

Make The Tone Formal

The whole tone of business letters should be formal. Direct your recipients formally. Personal emotions or feelings should be highly disregarded for business. Thus, instead of saying, “We feel,” you should use “We believe” or other similar phrases instead. Keep the whole thing businesslike. As they say, business is business.

Avoid Using Discriminatory Language

Never include a word or phrase specific to race, religion, and gender. This can be biased and regarded as a discriminatory language in a business setting. There are hundreds of substitute terms you can use. Search for them to make sure you are not using an offensive word. For example, instead of using “chairman,” you can use “chairperson” instead.

Always Check Your Grammar

When writing a business letter, the right grammar is vital. Nobody wants to receive emails full of grammatical errors and believe them. A well-constructed letter is one of the essential factors to get the trust of your recipients. Learn all the rules in grammar and practice them. This is an excellent shot in entering the business industries.

Final Thoughts

Business letters are one of the vital communication tools if you are running a particular business. You will surely do a great job considering the tips mentioned above. The list will help you reach your business goals. A well-constructed business letter will reflect your future success. We hope our article helps you out in writing your next business letter


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