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What is Browser Cache – Browse with a Proxy – Kproxy

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Sometimes, when we change our website, we see that it does not work or does not load correctly if we have made any redirection or parked a domain. It does not work as it should, or any other type of problem that makes us doubt if we have correctly made the modifications.

Sometimes the problem is not in the changes made but in the cache of our browser.

What is the browser cache?

Web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, etc … , store information from each website that we visit on the computer’s hard drive so that, if we return to that website, the content load from the disk itself, instead of re-downloading them.

With this, we get sites to load much faster and save data consumption. Browsers detect when a website has been modified and download new content to update it.

All this would be perfect if web browsers did not fail since sometimes they do not download new content and display the web without updating.

This creates a multitude of problems, and from Hostinet’s technical support service, we receive calls and emails every day from clients due to problems with the cache of their browsers.

How to Solve the Problem

All browsers have a way to empty the cache that will change depending on the operating system and the browser.

For example, in Firefox we have to click on the toolbar / History / Clear recent history /

In Chrome, we would also click on the toolbar menu / History / History / Clear browsing data /
You can find more information about other browsers in any search engine such as Google or Bing.
This action solves any cache problem that we may have, at least temporarily, and it would be the first step that we would have to do.

We see that some change has not made.
We can also try incognito windows or private browsing, but if we already have the page cached for having entered previously, it may not be reliable.

Browse with a Proxy – Kproxy.com

If we do not want or can clear the cache, we have another solution to navigate through a proxy.

A proxy is an intermediary between our connection and the server. From our computer, we connect to a server, and it is this that requests a website.

So the content that we see will be exactly what is on the web and will not affect the cache that the browser has.

A proxy can configure in a browser with an add-on or extension. You can also use some software, but there are also very convenient online solutions to use like Kproxy.com.

The operation is very simple. We have to enter www.kproxy.com and add our URL, or the one we want to check, in the search engine, and click on the surf button.

We wait a moment, and he will show us the website. If we see that the modifications are shown through Kproxy.com but not in our browser, it is a problem with our browser’s cache.

Anyone who enters the website and does not have it cached would see it correctly, but having cached it, we are the only ones who do not see the changes correctly.

Issues to Consider

If we use WordPress, PrestaShop, Joomla, etc., we may have a cache plugin or have enabled the default cache.

If we are making changes on the web, it is advisable to temporarily deactivate them, since otherwise, it may give us problems.

However, If we manage multiple sites and are continually modifying them, it may be better to use a browser like the Epic Privacy Browser, which does not save any data. We can use it to check the changes without having to clear the cache.


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