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The Different Types of Marketing Emails to Help You Boost Revenue for Your Business

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Marketing Emails

Email marketing is a digital marketing strategy that businesses use to grow their brand. This is done by sending emails to prospective leads, existing customers, website subscribers, and inactive users.

The emails sent to an audience will vary depending on the email marketing campaign. They can either be welcoming messages, product promotions, advertisements, request business, solicit sales, or donations.

Unlike other forms of marketing, email marketing is affordable. You don’t have to pay for retargeted ads, ad space, flyers, posters, or printing because you’ll only spend money on an email marketing platform for your campaigns. Most importantly, you’ll also save a lot of money by doing your email marketing right.

To do email marketing right, you need to write clever, unique, well-timed, and relevant email marketing campaigns to users based on their demographics and preferences. This will increase your engagement rates, such as click, open, and sales, which will help boost your key performance index (KPI) – achieving your business goals in a faster and more effective way.

6 Types of Marketing Emails and Their Impact on Your Business

Digital Newsletters

We’re all busy with our regular lives to often think about the brands that create the products we use. This goes the same with your customers. By sending them newsletters that are informative, useful, relevant to their lives, and personalized, prospects will be excited about what you have to share next while building a deep connection with your brand in the process. 

These are some of the email engagement best practices that big brands use, and these practices build trust and customer retention. Customers will also think that your company is more of an industry leader rather than just a commercial entity that’s out to milk them of their money.

Product Updates

There is a reason behind why Apple has a solid ecosphere. This is because they regularly inform their “innovation”-loving customers of what’s new with their latest tech line through emails. Product updates could vary as well – it may be a new device or a new software feature.

Product updates also show customers that a brand is always thinking about them, evolving, and creating ways to improve user experience. When you feel like a business is always looking after you, wouldn’t that inspire you to be a loyal patron and buy their latest products?

Co-Marketing Email

Another marketing email strategy that drives revenue, builds audiences, and increases conversions are called email co-marketing. All you need to do is partner up with other companies in promoting products to a shared audience – yours and your partner’s mailing list. However, you and your business partner may use a different email marketing platform.

Just make sure that your business partner sells products that are relevant to yours. This will help you and your partner get more engagement because both your products are related and useful to each other. One better example of this is a smartphone retail shop partnering up with a phone accessory shop.

Transactional Emails

Automation is a strategy that marketers use to save time for attending to customer concerns while improving their experience. One type of email sent through automation is transactional emails. These emails are triggered by events, customer interaction, and subscription conditions. CRM and Marketing Automation Software for Small Businesses. It has features like Automated Marketing Campaigns with Auto Responders and many more.

An excellent example of a transactional email through customer interaction is sending a receipt to the customer once a purchase is made. This makes a user trust a brand and be confident for another transaction because they have a proof of purchase, which they can use for refunds or warranties.

Event Invitation

Some customers cannot afford a new product at launch. Others wait for good deals to save money. With event invitations, these customers are notified when there are special offers. Businesses understand this well because it’s a surefire way to attract old and new customers in flocking to their stores. This boosts sales, generates more positive reviews, and encourages repeat purchases.

Internal Updates

One thing that customers hate is when a business or website changes policies without letting them know. This can lead to a spike in unsubscribe rates because customers will feel that sudden and unannounced changes could be at a disadvantage.

By sending internal update emails, your users will know. And find it easier to adjust to your new brand policies, website functions, service changes. They will also appreciate your heads up and find the changes to give them much more convenience.


These are some of the effective marketing emails that help a business grow. The idea is to be transparent with your users while keeping them updated on your new products, brand policies, and sales events.

It is also highly advisable to experiment with other eCommerce marketing strategies and not stick to email campaigns alone, for some customers may not prefer email promotions.



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