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How Technology is Transforming the Workplace

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Technology is Transforming the Workplace

Technology is Transforming the Workplace –

Technology is rapidly transforming every area of our lives. One of the most widespread changes is the boom in people working from home and videoconferencing, but there are many other ways that tech has made it into the workplace as well. Below are several ways tech is poised to continue changing how we do our jobs.


Telematics is making inroads into many industries. For example, for trucking companies and other businesses that have a fleet of drivers, telematics can transfer data to offices in real time, which you can read about in a guide on the subject. Employers can see not just where drivers are at any given time but may be able to track a number of other things, such as driver behavior, and this helps improve their overall fleet management. Some insurance companies are using telematics as well, offering discounts for safer drivers or healthier practices. In the medical field, this quick transfer of data can mean people may not have to visit a doctor’s office for a sleep study or to get other information if it can be monitored and transmitted using a wearable.

Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

Thanks to AI, companies can make use of far more data than they have ever been able to before. This means getting granular data on customers and their preferences, which in turns allows companies to shape their marketing approach based on customer behavior. The use of big data and AI can also give companies information on how to be more efficient. AI-driven predictive modeling can help them reduce costs. Increasingly, this technology will allow many more tasks to be automated, freeing up people to do other types of work.


Robots does not just refer to what most people think of when they think of robots, tech that is roughly humanoid in shape. A robot may be a device that has a single function in an operating room, for example. They can also do work that is dangerous for humans, such as cleaning or inspecting machines in a factory. Of course, robots have also been at the forefront of space exploration for some time, with rovers on Mars sending back photos and collecting samples. They will increasingly be used for tasks that are mundane, repetitive, hazardous or impossible for humans to perform.

5G Wireless Technology

While most people think about 5G technology in terms of how it will affect their mobiles devices, it has huge implications for business because of its potential for reliable transfer of enormous amounts of data. For example, 5G makes it possible for doctors to perform remote surgery, working on someone hundreds or thousands of miles away. It will also enhance communication with customers, allowing companies to better demonstrate products and services and permit more interaction.

With the introduction of secure software development companies can feel confident exploring this new technology. Companies that rely on streaming will be able to deliver higher quality video than ever before. Businesses will also increasingly be able to access the Internet of Things, which faced some lags on 4G technology. This will mean being able to gather more customer data in retail locations among other uses.

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