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How do I Start a Career in Data Science?

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Data Science

So you have decided to start a career in Data Science. Maybe you are attracted by the high salary packages, or you want to make use of your programming skills for a lucrative future. If you are wondering how best to prepare yourself for a Data Science job, opt for the Data Science course in Mumbai. It is conducted by industry experts and teaches you the necessary working tools and concepts for a Data Science job. The course is designed to help you understand the use of tools and Big Data technologies for solving business problems and making critical decisions.

You can board the Data Science journey at any point of your career – as a fresh graduate, a Python enthusiast, or a Data Science wannabe. While programming skills and maths knowledge are desirable skills, the course helps you with the rest.

So make the Data Science course in Mumbai your launching pad for your dream job. Get ready for a career that pays top money while challenging your intellect!

What is Data Science

Data Science is a specialty subject that uses a multidisciplinary approach of data inference, algorithms, and technology to solve complex problems. It uncovers hidden insights and creates business value from the huge volumes of raw data. The Data Scientists use techniques to help companies make smart data-driven decisions or design products that encapsulate an algorithm into applications.

Why Data Science is a popular career choice

Data Science is a high-growth professional field with strong job prospects. This is because more and more companies are turning to data for a business edge, creating an overwhelming demand for professionals.

The Data Science career path offers you wide options to choose from. While the potential of getting a salary raise in your current job with a Data Science course in your arsenal cannot be overlooked, you can also opt for a lateral job change with a Data Scientist role that suits your skillsets and interest areas.

You can have access to all of this while you earn high salaries. The best news, you don’t need previous experience or programming knowledge to become a Data Scientist!

How to start a career in Data Science

At the very outset, a basic understanding of mathematics is a must. Business knowledge from prior work experience is an asset if you want to fast-track your Data Science career path. So brush-up your knowledge base and skillsets and check whether you are ready for a data-driven future.

Here are the top 10 recommendations for setting your journey in Data Science:

1)    Identify the job roles that interest you

There is more to the Data Scientist job role. It varies with the size of the company, nature of business, industry type, and the analytics maturity curve implemented. So job descriptions and listings vary from company to company. Popular Data Scientist job roles are Data Analyst, Data Science Generalist, Big Data Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer, Data Architect, Actuarial Scientist, and so on.

No two jobs have identical job responsibilities. So identifying what interests you helps to plan your study.

2)    Make a list of what you need to learn

So you have discovered the job role that you would like to build on. The next step is to identify the requirements. Discover what skillsets and data-crunching tools you have to acquire.

3)    Build-up your Python savvy

Python is an essential skill for a career in Data Science. Python libraries are the go-to tools for processing data, extracting insights, and modeling products. They are open-source frameworks, with different packages suited for various Data Science tasks.  Practicing with Python libraries makes you ready for any job role. For instance, Tensor Flow learning helps you in a career as a Machine Learning Engineer.

4)    Learn the tools

Data Science uses a mix of tools and programming languages. The more comfortable you are with using different tools, the more expert you can be at solving problems and creating data products. So mastering tools for visualization/BI like Tableau and data management software Docker; learning languages like Python, Java, SQLC++, and Scala; mastering Excel and statistical software suites like SAS and R; are an advantage for any Data Scientist job applicant.

5)    Discover technologies

The processing of huge data requires an understanding of the various supporting technologies. So discover Cloud technologies, data platforms, big data frameworks like Hadoop, Spark, and Pig, among others, and fast-track your career progression.

6)    Master data visualization skills

Visualization is core to Data Science. Learning visualization software like R/R Studio, Tableau and Qlik empower any aspirant with the ability to present analysis in a visual format.

7)    Connect with the Data Science Community

The Data Science community is vast. Joining the various online forums and local communities keeps you up-to-date with new technologies and tools. Forums or peer groups, Bootcamps and local Meetups are interactive, and signing up for these forums keeps you motivated and agile in the Data Science space.

8)    Create a portfolio

Innovate while you practice on your capstone projects. Get hands-on with real-world model deployment. Create an account on GitHub and contribute. This is visible evidence of your Data Science skills.

Supplementing your learning with a portfolio that showcases your problem-solving skills helps you compete against other job applicants.

  • Check-out blogs

Blogs are a great way to add fillip to your Data Science education. Be informed about the trends. Read up on the case studies and best practices shared by industry leaders. Curate your learning to suit your interest, be it pure-play Data Science, R software, Data Visualization topics, or more.

10) Get Mentored

Most Data Science courses are led by industry experts who facilitate your learning. The guidance and ongoing support of an experienced data professional can steer your personal career growth and performance with continuous engagement and guidance on your projects. Best Project Management Tool offer visual task management in Kanban boards, Gantt charts, waterfall dependencies, and burndown charts.

Join the Data Scientist bandwagon with a cutting-edge curriculum. Enroll in a Data Science course for 2021 and watch your career take-off. Learn the right tools and techniques and apply for that coveted job.

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