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8 Important Facts About Solar Panel Technology

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solar panel technology

Are you considering solar energy?

Solar panel technology paved the way for sustainable energy transmission. Right now, there are enough solar power panels installed in LA to power 18.6 million homes.

Solar power is a constantly evolving technology. Continue reading and discover the latest facts in solar energy:

  1. Solar Energy Can Power Airplanes

Solar energy is strong enough to power aircraft. People doubted Bertrand Piccard when he decided to fly a solar-powered airplane around the world. He departed from Abu Dhabi and returned 16 months later, proving solar energy’s potential.

  1. You Can Produce Solar Power without Direct Sunlight

Even if the sun isn’t directly beaming at your solar panels, it can still capture a different spectrum of sunlight. During cloudy days, solar panels gather hues reflected from the sky. It converts them into power you can use for electricity.

Even states like Ohio can use solar panels. Interested in installing solar panel systems at home? Contact Blue Raven Solar today.

  1. 1-hour Sunlight is Enough for 1 Year Supply of Electricity

Here is one interesting solar panel fact: in an hour, a total of 430 quintillion Joules of energy hits the Earth. Meanwhile, people around the world use a total of 410 quintillion Joules per year. While our technology can’t capture this amount of solar energy, a tiny fraction is enough to power the world if everyone uses solar energy.

  1. You Don’t Need to Own Solar panels

An unnoticed fact about solar panels is you don’t have to own solar panels to use solar power. A shared solar community system enables thousands of people to get solar energy without installing solar panels. Their supply comes from a massive solar farm.

  1. Price for Solar Panels Plummeted

The price of solar panels has decreased by 70% since 2010, driving the solar industry to rise. It means the original $8 and upward cost of the solar system per watt decreased to $3.

You can now afford small to medium-sized solar systems for as low as $12,476. It’s after deducting the federal solar tax credit.

  1. 2 million Solar Systems in the U.S.

Due to the increasing price of grid electricity and the plummeting price of solar panels, U.S. now caters to over 2 million solar energy systems. It happened three years after the industry reached its millionth installation.

  1. California is the Top Solar Energy Producer

California is the leading player in the solar energy industry. It rose from 20,163 in 2017 to 31,783 megawatts of solar energy use this 2021. It’s enough to power 8,548,370 homes.

  1. Solar Panel technology Cuts 100 tons of CO2

Solar panel technology often lasts at least 28 years. An average rooftop solar panel system can offset one-third ton of nitrogen oxides, half a ton of sulfur dioxide, and 100 tons of carbon dioxide.

It’s only for a single household system. Imagine how much two million solar systems can offset.

Invest in Solar Panel Technology Now

These are some of the most interesting facts about solar panel technology. Use these to convince other people to invest in solar power systems.

It’s sustainable and clean, offering a brighter future for humanity.

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