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E-Invoices Customer Invoice Processing

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E-Invoices Customer Invoice Processing – Creating a policy to manage, store, and hold critical accounts payable can be time-consuming, but cardless companies are on the move without a policy.

How To Manage Accounts Payable Efficiently

With a compelling accounts payable policy, you can:

  • Reduce the time it takes to approve invoices
  • Better to keep and keep important documents
  • Make it easy to extract documents for investigations, audits, or litigation

We’re here to get you started with this free guide. You will receive 9 tips for creating an easy payroll policy for employees to understand and follow, plus a template with suggested subject areas and sample text.

The Accounts Payable Expense Management Survey 2021 is the third global survey of financial leaders conducted in the last 18 months with our partner IFOL (Institute of Financial Operations and Leadership). The first assessment was conducted at the start of the first quarter of 2020 during the development of the pandemic, the second in the summer of 2020, and this last survey through August and September 2021. However, this is the first year that the United States was included in the study. The results show that in most of the categories studied. For example, the United States leads on a global average in expense management automation. In particular, 38% of US business leaders said their businesses were largely too automated, compared to 35% globally. The difference is even clearer when adopting AI for expense management: 35% of US companies are already using AI-related to the global average of just 30%.

Who is EasyAP?

Easyap, an expert in electronic invoicing, is a service company consisting of accountants and IT specialists that has focused since 2001 on supporting its customers throughout the invoice processing process.

Easyap develops tools that it makes available to its customers to improve the processing of all invoices, regardless of their format, and achieve savings.

Easyap can take an active part in invoice processing as part of its services.

How Does It Help In Electronic Invoices

Easyap has developed a portal for issuing/receiving electronic invoices. Einvoicing enables the connection between customers and suppliers (issuer and recipient), remove technological barriers, and offers advantages for both parties. Issuing electronic invoices to clients compatible.

Electronic Invoicing Service Companies

The companies on this list that offer electronic invoicing services meet the following conditions checked by the General Administration of the State:

  • Connect with easyap – General Point of Entry of Electronic Invoices of the General State Administration via the automated interface of web services that are available to the providers.
  • Have submitted electronic invoices via this interface.

If you famine your company to appear in this directory, your application will be evaluated and if it is satisfactory and meets the above requirements, it will be published in this directory as a provider of electronic billing services for providers of goods and services in your relationship. with public administrations.

The receipt of electronic invoicing services is the process of receiving the document with which a supplier certifies that he has provided us with a product or service at a certain price but in digitized form. Thanks to the computerization of these progressions, we can currently manage the receipt of supplier invoices using programs from specialized companies such as Easyap. In this way, issuing and receiving electronic invoices, which has traditionally been a tedious process in any company’s financial control, is now much faster and easier.

In turn, resorting to the services of companies specializing in receiving invoices from suppliers gives us the legal and mandatory guarantees that the sale of a product or service implies. Using the electronic invoicing services of companies like Easyap, therefore, enables us to streamline and automate processes and save time and resources that we can devote to other aspects of the business. And not only that, but we do it with all legal guarantees.

Easyap is an international platform that specializes in electronic invoicing solutions and value-added services in the tourism sector. In addition, the Voxel Group is also familiar with electronic invoicing services.

Our services include:

  • Electronic invoice exchange, for which we integrate most of the ERPs on the national and international market.
  • Connection to Easyap and other public administration access points for sending electronic invoices.
  • Compliance with e-invoicing laws in major European countries and other international markets.
  • Implementation of previous validation systems when sending and receiving electronic invoices.
  • Service of legal retention and storage of electronic invoices.
  • Electronic billing service from the Internet.
  • Dedicated electronic invoicing service for restaurant, taxi, and parking costs to facilitate the reimbursement of VAT to customers.

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