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Sour Space Candy: Tantalizing Hemp Bud Strains You Need To Know

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Sour Space Candy

CBD boasts a plethora of purported properties beneficial to overall health and wellness, capable of assisting with the reduction of symptoms like pain, inflammation, anxiety, decreasing seizure activity, and so much more. 

Now that CBD oil products made a humongous splash on the market, the high cannabidiol hemp flowers are coming available to consumers throughout the country. These are proving just as popular if not more so than marijuana. See this to learn about high CBD flower strains.

High CBD Hemp Buds

All the CBD oil products like the capsules, tinctures, topicals, oils, derive from the flower initially. Now manufacturers are using the flower as the primary product

It offers less than 0.3% of the psychoactive THC cannabinoid responsible for the “high” when consuming marijuana and all the essential chemical compounds working synergistically with CBD to enhance its properties for greater effects. 

Find out why a little THC is not necessarily a bad thing at https://news.green-flower.com/why-you-should-add-a-little-thc-to-your-cbd/. Whether choosing to smoke or inhale through vape, the potency is increased, and the effects are higher with the bud compared to other applications not to mention the wide range of strains, strengths, and flavors you can opt for within this delivery method. 

Some of the hemp flower choices people find most appealing follow:

  • Sour Space Candy:  The strain hails from Oregon with unusually large buds as a defining character trait and an astounding aroma. The CBD element is powerful in this bud that offers dense Myrcene terpenes that give the user potent anti-inflammatory benefits. The flavor is intense, and the appearance is appealing making it satisfying for all the senses.
  • Purple Punch:  The bud comes to you from Tennessee where it is grown indoors, producing extra large flowers. It offers those in need of a late afternoon break an indica-dominant option. The bud is a hybrid resulting from two indica species bred together. The indication is that this can only result in optimal advantages for those with challenges sleeping. The primary character trait is the flavorful taste with a fruity aroma combination of citrus and grapes. Its quickly growing in popularity. 
  • Lifter:  The flower is an organic option, native to Oregon.  It is a dense limonene with a scent and flavor of citrus. The strain boasts properties shown to reduce inflammation and relieve instances of pain. The bud touts as a naturally uplifting mood enhancement, making it a good daytime product.
  • Blueberry Pie Hemp Flower: Two popular strains of indica-dominant strains cross for this creation including Blue Dream and Girl Scout Cookies from where the strain breeds in Umpqua Valley.  The aromatic scent of blueberry uplifts with positivity to enliven a mid afternoon slump enhancing mental capacity with the Blue Dream component and Girl Scout Cookie’s Kush effect that not only helps with mood but provides a sense of calm. The flavorful strain can not only be used for the end of the day but any time you need a pick-me-up.
  • Bubba Kush: Central Valley California produces this indica dominant bud known to reduce stress and relax users. The flower offers dense, earthy qualities with a somewhat exotic flavor mixing coffee with spices for a kick. There are also hints of fruity sweetness with Kush to ease into the end of a long day.

Sour Space Candy

Many people are choosing to either smoke or inhale through vaping the dried high CBD hemp flower strains. These are becoming more abundant with manufacturers and available through more online sites like Cheef Botanicals in a wide range of strains. Which you choose is a matter of personal taste but remember to stick with a low dose for the first time out. 

With smoking or vaping the buds as a form of consumption, there is a more significant chance to enjoy the flavor and scents the CBD hemp flower has to offer. Not to mention the chemical compounds, particularly CBD are at their most potent and provide the optimal benefit in this capacity whether you choose it for its health advantages or merely for recreational purposes. The higher the CBD level in the bud, the greater the benefit. Check lab results with your supplier for ingredients to learn the cannabinoid amounts.

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