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Top 11 Advertising Statistics to Help You in 2021

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Top 11 Advertising Statistics to Help You in 2021

Over the years, advertising has evolved a lot; whenever it is about promoting a business, advertising is the key factor. Online advertising is ruling these days and the statistics might blow your mind. If you have just stepped into the advertising world, you should make yourself familiar with the current scenario and the latest trends in the industry. In case, you are ready with your social media advertising strategy, considering the statistics provided further may help you score more budget.

Have a look at the important advertising statistics and plan your online advertising strategy accordingly:

  1. Although Google and Facebook are getting tough competition from companies like Amazon, Google, and Facebook, still they both continue to hold the largest share of total U.S. digital ad spending i.e. 37.2% and 19.6% respectively.
  2. Over the years, it has been noticed that out of all the online advertising tools, compelling video content is the most powerful. People share videos 1200% more than text and links as they remember the video content for longer than any other media and also share it frequently.
  3. 70-80% of users ignore sponsored search results as they are unable to trust the company for advertising itself. So, it can be clearly said that if you are organically ranking on Google, it is going to be more advantageous instead of paying to stay at the top of the search page.
  4. There are a few people who stay loyal to the brands they love while others prioritize the brands as per the best products and the lowest prices they have to offer. This is what makes online advertising more competitive and as per the research, 90% of searchers don’t have any particular brand in mind before starting their search.
  5. As per the online advertising stats, 72% of the online shopping carts get discarded. More and more customers have the tendency to add products to their cart and then discard it; this has been seen as a common issue to most of the online businesses. Only 8% of customers finish shopping after they initially discard their cart.
  6. Every 38 seconds, there is a cyberattack, 43% of which target small businesses as these companies have a minimal security infrastructure, hence are easy targets for data hackers. So, it is important to take all the preventive measures to stay safe from cyberattacks.
  7. The total number of devices having ad blockers increased from 142 million to 615 million in just one year. 83% of the customers don’t want to block the ads completely, they simply want to filter them out. So, it is important to include a smart approach to designing and implementing ads.
  8. For every $1.60 spent on Google Ads, a small business earns an average of $3 in revenue. When it is about pay-per-click investment on internet ads, it is easy to make double the amount as the average click-through rate on paid search ads using Google Ads is about 2%. If a company is generating lower revenue, then it’s the right time to make some changes.
  9. As per research, 76% of marketers fail to interpret behavioral data for online ad targeting. The marketers that are still dependent on old technologies to drive consumer segmentation find it difficult to analyze and act on behavioral user data.
  10. Businesses that use Google Ads spend somewhere between $9,000 and $10,000 per month on PPC and the most competitive PPC keywords are from financial, legal, and insurance services.
  11. Research shows that 84% of consumers want brands to create content and brand engagement is extremely important for them. Consumers are more interested in getting real-life experiences, useful solutions, and everything that engages them.

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