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What is Technological Globalization? and its Advantage and Disadvantages

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What is Technological Globalization ?

Technological Globalization – Technology is the set of production processes, machinery, goods, services, etc. created from the application of ordered scientific knowledge. And which aims to solve problems, satisfy needs, and fulfil wishes.

The relationship between Globalization and technology generates opportunities for integration of local markets into the great world economic network. At present, the integration of the markets is not conceivable, nor is it possible to do so without the development, exchange, and use of technology.

It could be said that Globalization goes hand in hand with technology; both have been a consequence and necessity of Globalization.

Technological Globalization Process

Globalization Technology can encompass three dimensions that explain very well how and why this phenomenon is essential for the development and understanding of Globalization.

Global Technology Development

Technological innovations are produced and completed in production units located in different geographical areas to take advantage of the wealth of production goods that each country owns. This increases the quality and productivity of the items.

Global Collaboration and Participation

Globalization is a process of interconnection in all areas that facilitates the transmission of specialized knowledge that can be used for the development of technology in general.

Global Commercialization of the Technology Produced

It is the export and consequent expansion of the developed technology taking advantage of the mechanisms create to facilitate the incorporation into the global market. At the same time, technology becomes a global good, making it increasingly specialized and enhancing the interests of humanity.

Advantages of Technological Globalization

Technological Globalization has brought us a series of advantages and profound characteristics in our understanding and interaction with the world around us. We are going to mention the following:

  • It promotes agile and fluid communication.
  • Generate business and job opportunities
  • Expansion of technological developments in the health area.
  • Computer technology unites people, cultures, societies, companies, etc.
  • information accessible in real-time, thanks to satellite television, but above all on the Internet.
  • Facilitates international cooperation in cases of various disasters.
  • Streamlining and normalization of international transactions.

The advantages of Technological Globalization would be very extensive, what underlies this Globalization is the clear specialization that arises from the need and the union of ingenuity for common goods. Technology is, therefore, an extension of ourselves, a consequence, and a necessity at the same time.

Disadvantages of Technology Globalization

The disadvantages of Technological Globalization are also important. And we should not underestimate them, as every social phenomenon has its advantages and disadvantages, we will analyze the following:

  • Gradual granting of our privacy, we are reachable, although we can activate certain controls, we cannot control what other people do with the information to which we gave them access.
  • Certain technologies generate addiction, and like all addictions, it leads to the isolation of people.
  • Technological equipment that facilitates daily life harms the environment because they emit greenhouse gases that exacerbate the problem of overheating the earth.
  • Food production on an industrial scale involves additives related to the progressive development of diseases such as cancer and diabetes

Curiosities OF Technological Globalization

Technology has brought us a series of curiosities throughout its history. Especially in the computer part (which has evolved explosively in recent decades).

  • The robot comes from the Czech robota, which in English is translated as forced labor.
  • 123456, 12345, and password are the three most used passwords by network users.
  • The first camera took 8 hours to complete a shot
  • Computer viruses are create at 12 units per second.
  • The first alarm clock only worked at 4:00 am
  • The first video console was created in 1956 and was the dimensions of a piano.

Globalization has brought us many comforts and luxuries as well as controversial styles and ways of life, as we have seen.

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