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What Is Social Marketing and How Important it is?

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What is Social Marketing?social marketing 4

The need to communicate has walked hand in hand with the entire evolutionary process and human development. And as civilizations have become more complex, the way we communicate has also become more complex. For this reason, social networks today are the main tool used by sales systems in the world.

It has two fundamental forms. On the one hand, it tries to generate a stronger monitoring relationship between the offering products and the needs of consumers that are becoming increasingly sophisticated. And on the other, it tries to raise people’s well-being and greater accessibility to consumer objects and services.

What are the Elements of Social Marketing?

This technique has fundamental elements for a correct application and is classify into three functions: the elements of social marketing.

1. Understanding and satisfying the needs of consumers, as well as detecting and creating new needs among the public, is always eager for news.

2. Promote easy and convenient access to its products, to give a certain image of well-being and satisfaction to the buyers of products and services.

3. Find a direct relationship between the marketing work carried out and a level of utility that is appropriate to the company’s development.

These are the main elements of marketing. However, others can enhance or hinder the work and image of the company if they are not uses with sufficiency.

The Importance of Social Marketingsocial marketing 2

The importance of social marketing defines by how large brands relate to consumers, and Corporate Social Responsibility is the relationship that companies have with society as a whole.
Therefore, there are companies that practice marketing social but not Corporate Social Responsibility.

Position your Brand with Social Marketing.

Social marketing has fundamentally change the way we perceive our relationship with companies. This element is essential when it comes to positioning a product, an idea, or a service.

It is also necessary to understand that it is not only limit to advertising, as many believe. It is a whole package that includes programs, market research, distribution channels, administration. And promotion of services to facilitate the acceptance of an idea or social behavior that is beneficial to society.

This is why social marketing not only by companies and also, an important part of public policies today, education campaigns for the population such as health, nutrition, respect for social, sexual and ethnic differences, environmental projects, etc.

It is about inducing people to take certain actions or change patterns of behavior or values aimed at improving citizens’ quality of life.

Benefits of Social Marketingsocial marketing 3

One of the main benefits of Social Marketing is the good acceptance that these campaigns generate at a social level. They even can build a new and positive image of the company in question and strengthen its ties with consumers and society as a whole.

And as we know, the ultimate goal of a company is not precisely to be a space for social assistance, but to generate profits. The reason why for a long time they have regard as the maximum exponent of the individualism of modernity. However, by making serious calculations, with the use of it, profits have significant potential for growth.


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