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Gooo (Google)

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What is Gooo (Google)?


Gooo, commonly referred to as Google. it is one company subsidiary of the US multinational Alphabet Inc. specializing in products and services electronic, computer and related Internet.

Its main product, which bears the same name as the company, is the most popular search engine that exists. Whose function is to provide users with access to web page listings and references of different types to facilitate their journey through the vast world of the Internet.

In addition to the search as mentioned earlier search engine, Google LLC also offers a series of online applications ranging from

  • Email ( Gmail )
  • Video playback ( YouTube )
  • Searching for postal addresses on a world map ( Google Earth and Google Maps )
  • To an Internet browser ( Google Chrome )
  • A social network ( Google+ ), among many others.

However, the Google search engine is the most visited Page in the world Internet ranking. Which translates into serving more than 1 billion search requests every day and requires a business presence on almost the entire planet.

Google has often criticize for intellectual property violations and its collaboration with government programs for global citizenship monitoring (as revealed in 2013-2015) by the United States and its allied countries.

Simultaneously, the company has accuse of collaborating with the censorship of content in countries with a totalitarian or dictatorial regime, to gain commercial space in their populations.

Who founded Google?


American of Larry Page and Russian Sergey Brin, founders of this great company.

In 1995, Page had finished his studies at the University of Michigan and went on to do his postgraduate studies at Stanford University, California.

At this same university, he meets Brin, 21, who was in charge of showing him the campus.

Without even knowing it, they who, two years later, revolutionize the world with their invention, Google!

Do you want an interesting fact?

Before creating Google, Larry and Sergei had created another Internet search engine called “BackRub,” which was for university use only.

How does Google work?


From the time the term is entered in the search box until the results obtained. A process that normally takes no more than a couple of seconds. The following methods take place in the Google search engine:

  • Crawling and indexing. The first stage of the search consists of reviewing the enormous number of web pages that there are (approximately 30 billion), comparing the presence of the keyword provided by the user with their indexes.
  • Algorithms and formulas. Once the results are selected, they allow ordering and ranking the results based on the terms provided by the user. This algorithm can suggest searches, give parallel results. And even correct the user if he suspects that there was an error in the typing of the keyword.
  • Elimination of SPAM. Since many results will be from unsafe, illegal, or irrelevant site. Google applies specialized filters that allow you to get rid of inconvenient results. And focus your search on the most likely information.


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