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Biometrics Write For Us

Biometrics Write For Us

Biometrics Write For Us


Biometrics are body sizes and calculations related to a person’s features. Biometric authentication or genuine authentication is used in computer technology as a form of identification and access control. It is also used to identify people in monitored groups.

Biometric identifiers are distinctive and measurable characteristics used to identify and describe people. However, Biometric identifiers are often classified as physiological features related to body shape. Therefore,  Examples contain, but are not limited to, fingerprints, palm veins, facial recognition, DNA, palm prints, hand geometry, iris, retina, and odor / scent recognition. Behavioral traits are associated with a person’s behavioral pattern, including but not limited to typing speed, gait, keystrokes, signature, behavioral profile, and voice. And also, Several researchers have coined the term “conductometric” to describe the latest advances in biometrics.

More traditional access controls contain token-based identification systems such as a driver’s license or passport, and knowledge-based identification systems such as a password or personal identification number. Since biometric identifiers are unique to people, they are more reliable in verification of identity than tokens and knowledge-based methods; However, the collection of biometric identifiers raises concerns about the confidentiality of the end-use of this information.

What is Biometric?

Biometrics is the dimension and statistical analysis of a person’s unique physical and also behavioural characteristics. The machinery is mainly used for identification and access control or to identify persons under surveillance.

Biometric improvements

Biometric scanners are becoming more and more advanced. For example, Apple’s iPhone X face recognition technology projects 30,000 infrared dots onto a user’s face for wildcard authentication. And also, According to Apple, the chance of misidentification is one in a million.

The new LG V30 smartphone combines face and voice recognition with fingerprint analysis and stores data on the phone for additional security. In addition, the sensor manufacturer Crucial Tec offers fingerprint scanners in combination with heart rate sensors for 2-step authentication. Furthermore, it ensures that cloned fingerprints cannot be used to access your systems.

The problem is that biometric scanners, including facial recognition systems, are not reliable. So students at the University of Northern Carolina at Chapel Mount uploaded photos of 20 volunteers from social media and created 3D models of their faces. As a result, scientists managed to hack four of the five security systems analyzed.

Therefore,  are many cases of fingerprint cloning. And also, In an example presented at the Black Hat cybersecurity conference, it was shown that a fingerprint could be securely cloned in almost 40 minutes for just $ 10 by simply printing the fingerprints on a modeling plastic or wax candle.

From Germany, the Chaos Computer Club members succeeded in developing a Touch ID fingerprint scanner for the iPhone less than two days after the start. And also, To unlock the iPhone 5s, the band members used a fingerprint photographed on a glass surface.

Biometric identity protection

Unauthorized access made more difficult when systems require multiple authentication methods, such as recognizing natural gestures  and matching encoded patterns with users in encrypted domains. Some security systems also include additional features such as age, gender, and height in biometric data to prevent malicious attacks.

Therefore,  Unique ID Authority of India’s Aadhaar India program an excellent example of this. The multi-step authentication program introduced in 2009 includes the scanning of fingerprints and irises of both hands and facial recognition. However, This information tied to an identity card issued to each of India’s 1.2 billion people. And also, This card will soon become mandatory for those using social services in India.

Good and bad

Biometric authentication comes in handy, but data protection officers fear that this type of security violates privacy. And also,  The concern that personal data is collected too quickly and without consent.

Face recognition already widespread in Chinese cities, where residents use the technology for everyday shopping, while the City of London known for its many CCTV cameras. In addition, new York, Chicago, and Moscow are currently connecting their surveillance cameras to face recognition databases to help local police fight crime. However,  To amplify this technological advance, Carnegie Mellon University is developing a camera that can analyze people’s iris in crowds from up to 10 meters away.

In 2018, face recognition was to be implemented at Dubai Airport, in which travelers photographed with 80 cameras while walking through a tunnel in a virtual aquarium.

Face recognition cameras are already available at other airports worldwide, such as Helsinki, Amsterdam, Minneapolis-Saint Paul, and Tampa. However, since all this information has to be stored somewhere, the fear of constant monitoring and data abuse grows.

And also, The more pressing problem is that hackers view databases of personal information as targets. For example, when the US Human Resources Bureau was hacked in 2015, cybercriminals confiscated the fingerprints of 5.6 million government employees, making them vulnerable to identity theft.

Storing biometric data on the device considered more secure than giving it to your service provider, even if the data is encrypted.

Therefore, This risk is similar to that of a password database, where hacks can compromise the system and steal data with inadequate security. However, the consequences are quite different. When the password is threatening

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Why Write For Technology Timesnow Biometrics Write for Us

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