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Technology to Help You Market Your Company Better

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Since marketing moved into the digital realm, there have been hundreds of attempts to make the lives of marketers easier, simpler, and more efficient. With productivity always the main aim of any marketing team, learning how to engage with this technology is paramount to your ongoing success, winning you plaudits across your company. As such, this article is aimed at introducing you to some key technologies that should help your marketing team, easing the burden of work, automating certain tasks, and making their working days more streamlined and friction-free.


It takes time to write an email. It takes even more time to BCC in hundreds of customer emails. A marketing professional can easily waste a whole day on a single email, which looks like a waste of time when there are dozens of automated email providers out there who will happily help you send emails en masse for free or for a nominal price – depending on the number of recipients you’re dealing with.

The likes of HubSpot and MailChimp are two examples of this technology. All you need to do is sign up for their services, begin making marketing email templates, and see how much time you’re saving whenever you want to shoot out an email to your customer base. Engage your team with these platforms to help your email marketing approach come more streamlined and less time-intensive.

Managing Assets

Your digital assets are everything as a marketer. Whether you’re searching for the specific text that you use for your tagline or the specific color that your firm uses to market its brand, you’ll need these key digital assets at your fingertips to make your campaigns as smooth as possible. But for most firms. These assets are actually scattered across cloud-based platforms and in folders across their staff computers. It’s a pain to access these files instantly, which causes delays down the value chain.

It’s far simpler to invest in a digital asset management process that instead centralizes all of your systems into a single space for all of your workers to access at any time and in any location. These management processes tend to help marketing teams put together their content far faster, leading to more efficient campaigns that take far less time to get off the ground. This one’s a no-brainer for all marketing teams that have hundreds of digital assets which are sometimes difficult to locate.

Bots and Automation

Other than the automation of emails, there are dozens of different ways to interact with the latest automation technology to boost your marketing approach. One example is bots: the automated chat robots that can pick up a Facebook chat or a chat on your website to direct potential customers to the correct answer, page, or product. You can set up a bot with ease and use it to specifically market your brand better.

Let’s take a Facebook bot as an example. It may be able to answer simple questions, but your bot is also an ambassador for your brand. It’ll show that you’re modern, and the tone of voice that it speaks in will inform customers and consumers about your brand’s attitude, values, and personality. So bots are actually a brilliant marketing tool and a savvy way to cut down on the customer service side of your business. Liaise with your customer services representatives to build bots that save them time and give your marketing team a welcome boost.

Social Media Managers

Most brands market on social media. Why wouldn’t they? They host billions of people who often check their social media pages multiple times in a day. Many consumers find the businesses and products they love on social media, so your marketing team should certainly be engaging with these platforms to tap into a huge pool of potential customers. There’s targeting on these platforms, too, so that you can direct your marketing messaging to exactly the right people.

Still, using social media is time-intensive. You need to monitor message requests, build up a pool of content to post regularly, and respond to relevant current affairs events. All this takes time – often, at least one individual will spend all of their time marketing on social media. To help that individual, you should partner with a social media management platform – one that helps you line up content and schedule when it’s sent. This helps firms free up their social media personnel for more important tasks, such as responding to comments and chat requests.

Deadline Apps

If your team is working from home at least some of the time, you’ll not. Be able to create the same atmosphere of hurried, intense work that you do in the office. That’s a loss for firms that thrive off that spirit of lurching head-first towards tight deadlines, with teams mucking in together in order to get the job done. So you’re going to need to find a technological way to help motivate your team to work hard towards ambitious deadlines.

That’s easy to do with modern attention and deadline technology, which has been built specifically for workers who are alone when they are at work but who need a little extra burst of inspiration and motivation to get the job done on time. Research these productivity apps to help your team hit all its targets in 2022.

Instant Chat

Whether or not you’re working in the same building, an instant chat app such as Slack can be seriously helpful for firms that are looking to pool ideas in one place. These apps are brilliant for connecting your team and helping new team members get answers to questions fast.

Whether or not you’re currently using a form of instant messaging, you should make sure that your team is always logged in so that urgent messages are seen right away, and so that team meetings can be organized quickly to deal with issues as they arise.

Here you have it: some key tips for marketing teams looking for technology to help them work more efficiently and productively in 2022.

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