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How to Improve Your Social Media Presence

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Social Media Presence

Social Media Presence – On the surface, handling your social media may look easy. However, having a social media account for your business is one thing but standing out from the already established brands is another story. In reality, sharing a few blurbs about your company is not enough. Your business’s social media presence and growth require time and effort, not to mention ongoing execution, monitoring, and strategic adjustment. 

So how can companies build a better and more meaningful social media presence? The good thing here is that you do not need advanced marketing skills. Instead, if you are willing to put in consistent efforts and a little money, these five tips will set you on the path to maximizing the business value of social media for your brand.

Tip 1: Build a long-lasting community

There are two critical factors to consider when building a long-lasting community of followers. First, before creating any content on social media, you must ask yourself, what will your audience get from it that they will not get anywhere else, and will that content keep them returning to your platform? Ensuring that the content you post answers these questions is crucial in standing out. 

Second, your goal should never be to get as many followers as possible. Instead, you need to cultivate an engaged audience that likes and comments when you post. To achieve that, you must grow social accounts organically with followers who are most likely to engage with your unique content and niche. So, you can try, for example, to look for and invest in an Instagram growth service that uses AI targeting algorithms to help your business attract genuine and engaged followers who are interested in your brand.

Tip 2: Keep track of what’s trending

Another great way to ensure that you show up in your target audience’s feed, including those who do not follow you, is to jump on what’s trending. This technique is popularly known as trend jacking or newsjacking. It refers to capitalizing on a social media topic that already has a buzz around it. 

The idea is to use the information (or hashtags) to strengthen your brand connection with your target audience, attract sales leads and generate profitable business outcomes. However, when implementing this tip, you need to ensure to tie the trend to your core brand message and the goal of your social media presence. 

Social Media Presence

Tip 3: Choose the right time to post

Social media is not what it used to be. Today, it has become harder to grow your community as you compete with other businesses seeking the same goal as yours. In addition, the algorithm prioritizes engaging posts. 

So, you need to figure out the best time to post. And this involves knowing when your audience is online and more likely to engage. To help you out:

  • Use social media marketing analytics to know exactly when and how much to post.
  • Leverage the gained data to better understand your content’s performance based on audience demographic, time of day, post frequency, etc.
  • Use the gained insights to adapt your social media publishing strategy for optimal performance.

Tip 4: Consistency is vital in social media marketing

When it comes to maintaining a stable social media presence, you need to remember that followers value consistency. If your Facebook or Instagram accounts suddenly go quiet, your followers will gradually drift away. Your audience is also less likely to appreciate content that deviates far from what you usually post. 

So whatever you post, make sure your tone and voice, timing, branding, and messaging are consistent so that your followers know what to expect. When you understand your core target audience, you can always create valuable content that meets their needs and offers them value.

Tip 5: Collaborate and partner with influencers

Another trendy and smart way to grow the quality and quantity of your social media presence is to use the influencer marketing trend. Start by researching and reaching out to the most suitable (in terms of brand values) influencers for your business who will endorse and mention your products/services. 

Build relationships and make sure you collaborate with them regularly. You do not need a huge budget to do that. You can use micro-influencers with a few thousand loyal followers but great engagement because that is where the real value lies.

Bottom line

Growing a significant social media presence for your business is not an impossible task. Still, it does take time, and that’s a price many business owners can not afford. For this reason, whenever possible, opt for automation, as it is an efficient means of mastering social media and keeping up with the competition. However, if you want to start making a difference on social media today, implement the five tips from this article. 

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