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5 Best Tools to Create & Send Invoices Quickly

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A services rendered invoice is a commercial document that details everything about a service that a company has provided to another company. Since the invoice is for one-time services, it maintains track of the billable hours and the project’s hourly rate or fixed rate.

When charging by the hour, a service provider should consider maintaining and reviewing a timesheet. The total number of hours spent on the job can be accurately monitored with this method. When tendering the invoice to the customer, this timesheet should be added to the invoice for proper invoicing.

The best time to submit an invoice for services rendered is determined by the type of services provided and the client’s agreement. Sending in a service invoice template on completion of a one-time job, a regular client’s project is the recommended solution for a one-time job or a regular client’s project.

Otherwise, the service provider would ask for a down payment in advance. For first-time clients and long-term projects, this payment schedule is recommended.

WeInvoice: Create and Send Invoice

WeInvoice is a powerful invoicing tool for freelancers and small businesses.

It allows you to create invoices quickly and easily using customized templates. You will find a variety of invoicing options that will allow you to receive payments without any problems.

The platform is chock-full of helpful tools and functionality. It also allows you to build and save different templates for each client. It allows you to submit customized invoices without having to repeat the entire procedure.

WeInvoice is very easy to use, and anyone can take advantage of its functionality. On its website, you can learn more about invoices.

How do I Create & Send Invoices Quickly?

Are you able to upgrade your billing software? Here’s how to go about it.

Step 1: The First Step Is To Register

WeInvoice’s software includes cloud storage and invoicing sharing. As a result, before submitting an invoice, it is recommended that you build an account. It also aids in the automation of invoices.

On the homepage, click the Try It Free button to build an account. To finish the registration form, enter your name and email address. You may also use the connection in your inbox to check the email address.

Step 2: Select Any Template

You can now choose from the gallery of templates or build your own using the advanced software. The personalized models can also be saved for future use. As a result, make sure to save all of your used models to your online storage.

Step 3: Make an invoice

You can now generate the invoice by filling in all of the information. You can begin by listing your company’s information in the first section, such as its name, logo, and tagline. After that, you can distinguish it from the others by mentioning the date and the customer’s details.

The following section allows you to enter the items, cost, quantity, and other relevant information. The best thing is that you will see how much the actual bill would cost in real-time. It would be easier to monitor any errors or omissions from the invoice in this manner.

Step 4: Disseminate to Your Customers

You can now send the file directly to an email address or import it to send an invoice in hard copy. In any case, you won’t have any problems sharing the invoice with the other party.

Tip: You can apply potential invoices to the same customer by checking the box. This program can be used to simplify invoicing solutions.

2: PayPal

PayPal is the next best invoice creator out of the bunch. It is yet another useful piece of software that ensures that payment transactions and sales go off without a hitch. One of the advantages of using PayPal is that it helps you to manage your invoices, check their status, and monitor payments.

3: Zoho

Overall, Zoho is one of the most well-known companies, email, and financial management tools. It has a very user-friendly online invoice generator service. The user just needs to fill in relevant information from the template, such as the client’s information, invoice number, and payment summary. They will also get automatic billing warnings.

4: Wave Accounting

Wave Accounting provides free products for invoicing, accounting, and receipt scanning. Wave accounting offers unlimited invoicing as well as automatic reminders, which come in handy if you get wrapped up in your job and fail to send out invoices on time. Beautiful invoice templates, multi-currency functions, and recurring invoices are also accessible.

5: InvoiceBerry

Both freelancers and small business owners will profit from this free invoicing tool. It allows you to invoice three clients while also allowing you to use two different invoicing models. Invoicing, mailing quotes, and cost monitoring are all included in the package. You can use branding tools like logos with InvoiceBerry. If you have international customers, the multi-language and multi-currency features are important.


Small business owners and freelancers may use invoice generators to quickly generate a professional invoice and keep track of all transactions. Many of these features were previously unavailable by traditional means. Furthermore, they enable the consumer to concentrate on more critical aspects of the business rather than administrative activities that reduce productivity.

Choosing the best tool for the job, however, is a difficult task in and of itself. We’ve covered the top ten free invoice generators that operate across all platforms. Although each service is useful, WeInvoice is the best of the bunch. It is because of the ease of use and additional functionality it provides for creating professional invoices.


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